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Art, culture and co-working space, Foundry has announced it will be part of the first-ever Boulevart, a three-day extravaganza of artistic immersion combined with multi-sensory experiences and in-depth education.

With free access for all, the event will take place across Downtown Dubai’s Boulevard from 24 to 26 February, seeking to demonstrate how computer-driven media is changing the way the world lives, works, and interacts. 

Hosted by Art in Space, in collaboration with Foundry and Kalimat Gallery, Boulevart’s activity-filled schedule includes more than 40 solo artists, 25 galleries, talks, Web3 Projects, information sessions, and more, inviting guests to experience, engage, inspire, and connect.

Meet world-renowned artists including, Ellen Sheidlin, Michael Benisty, Federico Clapis, Krista Kim, and the UAE’s leading local digital artist, Jalal Lokman. Hear from some of the industry’s most prominent figures in digital art,including curators Auronda Scalera, Alfredo Cramerotti, 33 NFT and Verticalcrypto art, while exploring collections from worldwide galleries such as W1 curates, VerticalCrypto Art, Museum of crypto art (MOCA), Wizara gallery, Morrow collective and Kostha collective. 

Following this incredible weekend, on 27 February, Foundry will see the launch of its latest exhibition, where four world-class artists will unveil their collections at the progressive hybrid art space. 

In Gallery 3, Dubai-based painter Sylvia Ong will be showcasing her stunning reflections of her perceptions of the world, along with her memories and feelings. Her collection, Around the sun all year long supports those going through turmoil — a reminder that the sun is always around, no matter what. 

Gallery 4 will welcome the Atassi Foundation for a group exhibition titled ‘New Perspectives’ presented by four Syrian artists, Monif Ajaj, Mohamad Khayata, Elias Ayoub and Edward Shahda. Featuring more than 500 works, the foundation aims to preserve and promote modern and contemporary art and archives from Syria.

Zug Zwang will be featured in Gallery 5, a mixed-mediaproject with a sincere artistic statement delivered through direct testimony, memories, and visual associations.

Finally, Gallery 8 and The Room will see the debut of the long-term project by Bavan Gallery, ‘Connective Strings of Resilience’, which features artists from multiple generations of Iranian artists working across media to display glimpses of world views. 

Whilst there, don’t miss the new gallery Mondoir, as it opens the doors of its new gallery in Dubai with a series of drawings by Fewocious newer showcased before titled:Year 5 Age 18.  

Boulevart will take place at Art In Space, Foundry and Kalimat Gallery, Boulevard Crescent – Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd, Downtown Dubai, from February 24 to 26 2023, while Foundry’s latest exhibitions will be unveiled from 27 January until 4 May. 

For more information or to register, please visit and