I met Giuliano during my stay in Rome and immediately fell in love with his poetic and sophisticated art. His style is very unique and embodies both the classical school of painting as well as his own interpretations and explorations. Here is my interview with the artist.

Where were you born?

I was born in Noto (near Syracuse) but in my early years I moved to Modica, a beautiful baroque town in the south east of Sicily. 

How long have you been in Rome?

I moved to Rome when I was 18 to study in the “Accademia di Belle Arti” (Academy of Fine Arts), but the city pretty much adopted me and I still live and work there.

What does the word “Art” mean to you?

I don’t think anyone has ever invented a single word which could be able to describe what art means for me. 

In my opinion, the art of the great Masters of the past is pure passion; my art instead is a life necessity, a sort of “water in the desert”, a shelter where I feel good or bad, but which me and only me can access.

How can you describe your work?

I don’t love describing my work, I think it’s not a task which is up to me, and I leave it to others. But I love the street, the people in the bars, Goya and Picasso.

What inspires you?

After having studied art history for several years and having scrutinized the works of great writers like Sartre and Dostoevskij, which created inside me a wellfoundedimagination, I can say that what inspires me the most is life, living it thoroughly, in the nights and in the eyes of people.

How can you describe the art scene in Rome?

Being a European capital, with so much history and background, the art scene in Rome certainly offers a lot for every taste, from the promotion of young artists to the exhibitions of the great Masters of the past; but also, by takinga walk in the city center you can find everything, the city center itself is already a wonderful open-air exhibition.

What is your travel advice for an art lover visiting Rome ?

To an art lover I would advise to visit the Basilica of Santa Maria del Popolo; inside it you can find the work of Caravaggio, for free. What I also recommend are the streets themselves; in the city center, the neighborhood of Travestere is always able to inspire me.

I hope you enjoyed our interview and if you are in Rome, visit Giuliano’s upcoming exhibition.

Stay inspired,

Slava Noor