Read our interview with Idriss B, one of the most popular Dubai based artists famous for his The Art Collection that features vibrant polygonal animals.

Dubai has been taken by storm by the eye-catching colourful polygonal animals created by the young artist Idriss B. The Art Collection by the young French-Tunisian sculptor was one of the highlights of World Art Dubai and is definitely the most talked about and Instagrammed collections in United Arab Emirates. I had a pleasure of meeting Idriss B at the fair and excited to share our interview.

How can you describe your style?

It is origami/polygon style, I do them in one piece, at least I try as much as I can, and this is what gives them this specific emotion and character.

What inspired you to create the Art Collection?

I wanted since a long time to create my own unique line of sculpture and thought to make it then available to public.

How many pieces does it feature and what customisation is available? There are actually 12 available animals in different sizes each. It is customisable by colours and finish, so people can really get a unique piece. The eyes in blue matt, the ears in red metal, and special colours like chameleon, makes it perfectly matching and according to the final client’s taste.

I got also special animals that I will release on my next big exhibitions, I have already 4 new secret animals that will be available as soon as the expo night is done. The next one will be in New York City, and that is going to be HUGE !

What is the price range?

Prices range from 8 000 AED to 250 000 AED, i did even a special piece of 120 000$. The client wanted to spend that money, so i went crazy with real ruby for the eyes, plated gold 21 carats, and black diamond. My idea was not just only paying for the name, but for an exceptional product.

Where can your artwork be seen in Dubai?

I am now exposing at Dubai Design District, The Pointe in Palm Jumeirah, Zaya Nurai Island in Abu Dhabi, Wane by Somiya at Dubai Adress Marina.

What are your plans in Dubai and internationally?

My next one are going to be the art weeks of Dubai with DIFC and Galeries Lafayette for example. For international, I have a planned expo since 6 months in New York, in Park Avenue, but with the covid, it’s on hold. Also, i am now working for Roma in Italy and Paris in France, which i hope soon to get the authorisations.

What are your favorite brand collaborations?

Up to now all of them are my favorites, not only it is the start but also, i really choosed to collaborate with them or not. Each gives a special challenge for me to rethink of how to use my art and their brand in the best way. Of course I know most of people favorite is with Valrhona, the chocolate brand, as we did my bear in chocolate and even you wanted to bite it.

You have met some celebrities thanks to you art, could you share some of your most exciting encounters?

Well to be honest, all of them are special as it is again a choice I did to meet or not or to have them getting my art is really a special feeling. Got to say that having Snoop Dogg and Ja Rule getting it, is higher as it’s my childhood stars that i was and still listening now. But of course Akon, Rawan, etc are giving me such a proud feeling.

21.01.2020, Omega Dubai Desert Classic European Tour 2020

What artists inspire you?

Jeff Koons, Karl Lagerfeld, Zaha Hadid, eL Seed, Philippe Stark and Virgil Abloh. Those persons were not just artists or architects but they changed and marked a complete art field they worked into and this is for me the biggest inspiration.

What do you enjoy the most about being an artist?

The best is the joy and feeling in general that people got when they see it. They are first impressed, then amazed and finally curious/satisfied in a way like it’s a nice piece of art. That is for me the best and most honest appreciation you can have.

Could you tell us more about the process of creation an artwork.

Well before I used to do the sculpting, then make a mould on top of it and finally use fiber and resine with it to create the piece. It is then polished 2 times, painted 2 times and finally master paint on top when the piece is as smooth as a baby skin. Right now, i do not have to sculpt anymore the piece, I design and draw it first, then in 3D and then print it in 3D plastic. After that, there is always a part of modification with sculpting and create a mould with the same process. It is now faster and easier but you “feel” less the piece as you got to draw it first and don’t see it in real. When it was sculpted, a piece more or less of clay was changing the animal directly, now i got to do a big work ahead in the 3D than before.

Falcon from the Art Collection at The Pointe, Palm Jumeirah

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