Jonas Leriche art gallery27 dubai

Originally from Belgium, Jonas Leriche is now living and working in New York. After working for years as a fashion photographer, Jonas felt it was time to take his personal journey into Fine Art. His work explores emotions, intentional or unconscious ideas and transforms them into gripping images.

His artworks show his meticulous attention to detail. Taking the actual photo is but the final stage of a long, deliberate process, punctuated by flashes of inspiration. Leriche considers himself an art director first, and then a photographer. His art has a strong theatrical aspect to it.

Struggling between the authenticity of nature, and the artificiality of photography, Leriche finds a perfect balance in pushing the boundaries of the natural in his production studio. In a world dominated by mere appearance, social media posturing and superficiality, the driving force behind Leriche’s work is the desire to inject the rawness of nature into the seamless, controlled perfection of his photographs in order to undermine the facile gaze of viewers unaccustomed to scratching any deeper than the surface.

My aim is not merely to create an aesthetically appealing artwork, but to create something larger than life.”

Leriche’s artistic method is a dramatic, ongoing and even vital process. His ultimate wish is that his artworks will also awaken viewers to a process of reconnection with the essential.

Collaboration with GALLERY27

An exclusive collaboration with Gallery27 allows Leriche to give his photographs another dimension. His artistic skills and new technologies come together to create innovative and unique art pieces exhibited exclusively at Gallery27, in Dubai. The renderings of textures are impressive, allowing viewers to delve into the rich layers of Leriche’s art. It is like if the photographs of living art were brought back to life.

More about Jonas Leriche’s Artwork:
Each artwork is available in a limited series of 3 for each size
120x80cm – 150x100cm – 180x125cm
See artwork available at Gallery27 and follow the artists on @JonasLeriche