"Traces of Time" by Art4You explores the transient nature of time through the works of UA based artists.

Time has had a significant influence in the world of visual arts. Artists have depicted various symbols for time in order to express its impact as a philosophical question that is reflected in the human existence or important events in history in order to represent the passing of time. The expressions of time concepts differfrom artist to artist due to the different perspective each of them uses.

Today’s postmodern and contemporary artists take the concept further by incorporating time into their work as if it were an element of art. Without the element of time, their work would be meaningless at best and nonexistent at worst. The exhibition The featured works show that rather than merely establishing facts, documentation is now characterised by an open-mindedness that focuses on the construction of perception and time.  

‘TIME’ according to Art4you Gallery, is a journey that is undertaken with absolute freedom and with the power of the imagination of 10 unique artists as a sole companion, a smooth constant creation of contemporary art merging into the wall and the mind of the viewer simultaneously. The artists who joined hands with ART4You gallery to bestow a mesmerizing evening upon the art fraternity are Chitra Sudhakaran, Rishu Gosain Roy, Aleksandra Ogorkiewiccz, Amrita Bhatia,Hafsa Rasool, Kumar Chadayamangalam, Rooma Eejaz, Tayseer Kawaf, RuchiShakrani and Nadeem Yaqoob.

The exhibition will run until 24th Feb 2020 at Studio Seven Art Gallery, Dubai.