Curated by Ahmad Alrashid (TALK Creative Space) MALHAMA By Lebanese artist Karim Ataya opened on the 20th of March at Picasso Gallery AlQuoz, Dubai with the presence of the cultural esteemed supporters and excellencies from the Dubai Culture, Abu Dhabi Cultural Authorities, Art Curators, Artists, Collectors, Supporters, and art enthusiasts.

Dubai art scene has seen enjoyed the vibrant art exhibition by the Lebanese Artist Karim Ataya organized by Ahmad Alrashid. MALHAMA is the first exhibition of Karim Ataya outside Lebanon and Ahmad’s first curated art exhibition in the UAE.

Photo courtesy of Ahmed Alrashid

Malhama is not only introducing magnificent artistry and intricate work by Karim but a historical cinematographic full immersion emotional and artistic journey through mythologies, civilizations, current events, the good versus bad and the human thirst to build, fight, thrive, fall, and hope to rise up over and over again.

Karim is a rising contemporary graphical artist who works with big-scale murals, canvases and stained glass as a way of conceptual form of expression. His works displays a deeply analytical process that is inspired by the context of the architecture it covers. Ataya transforms stories into complex abstract geometrical visuals. He has a strong eye for detail, a talent for visual balance, and a great sense of color and proportion.

​Ever the perfectionist (a trait which he denies), he gives his all working on anything he can control, and what he manages best are shapes, colors, and context which he molds into a new style of art with hints here in there of Islamic geometry, eighties action cartoons, science fiction movies, ancient symbolism, and more…

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