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Meet artist Seek One as he talks to Arte & Lusso about his creative journey, inspiration, favorite pieces and future projects.

Seek One is one of the most exciting American contemporary artists we have chatted recently. Read the interview to find out more about the artist and his work.

Could you tell us more how your creative journey started and what is the main source of inspiration for you?

As a self-taught artist, starting out as a graffiti artist and photographer gave me the free range to experiment with different mediums. Today you can see a lot of that influence in my works from the unique graffiti backgrounds to the iconic imagery. Being able to experiment and develop my own style has been a huge attribute to my success as I feel I have developed something that is unique.

How can you define your art? Are you happy with labels like “urban art” or “pop art?”

My work stems from a graffiti background, as a graffiti artist you must me quick and precise. I love using vibrant colors and working fast. Taking this same energy from streets and putting it into my work helps to capture that energy. The only difference is that it is in a fine art format that can be displayed in your home.

I am definitely happy with labels like “urban & pop art”

What are your most favorite artworks and what paintings are you most proud of?

My favorite work always seems to be what I have most recently made. I am always experimenting and coming up with new ways to define my process which makes it exciting to see the end product. I am proud of everything I’ve made as that is what lead me to this point in my career.

What is your take on the street art becoming commercial and being accepted as fine art?

I think it is well deserved, street art should be a recognized with other forms of fine art. It may not have the same origins as other mediums yet it still requires the same amount of thought and creativity.

Has social media played a big role in your growth as an artist? 

I think social media is one of the best tools for a business owner. As a visual artist, it is perfect because I can give all of my followers a constant feed of what I’m working on. Especially for emerging artist this give you a virtual gallery that is available for the world to see. I’ve sold nearly 50% of my works just through Instagram alone.

What do you like or dislike about social media. (Being constantly present, creating new content, connecting with new people, direct access to buyers)

Social media is great for giving followers a behind the scene look at your life and creative process. It also allows for direct access to new markets/buyers which is always great. One of the harder parts of social media is being constantly connected to you phone and posting new content. This can be overwhelming at times and also frustrating with Instagram’s constantly changing algorithm.

Dubai art Art in dubai Dubai artist Art in united arab emirates Dubai art gallery Online art magazine, arte 8 lusso,

How are you enjoying your trip to Rome? Will we see the Italian influence in your new work? 

I love Rome! I lived and studied here in my mid 20’s, I would consider Rome a second home. You can definitely see inspiration in my works from the city and culture here. The street art is amazing and unlike any other place I’ve been. There is endless inspiration which is why I keep coming back, from the graffiti to the street posters and even the ancient Roman architecture.

How do you feel about your art coming to dubai?

I am beyond excited to be exhibiting in one of top cities in the world. Galloire Gallery is a new gallery space which will be opening in September and host some of the top artist from around the world. Together we will be displaying a unique series of 8 works on paper to start. The works on paper are something new for me as an artist but have been receiving a lot of positive attention.

Later this Fall we hope to show some of my original works on wood panel as well. I am planning on making an appearance for their debut and possibly make are few pieces of art while in Dubai.  

What’s next? 

I hope to keep expanding my art to new markets so people all around the world can enjoy it! 

You can follow the artist on instagram: @seekone to keep up with his latest news!