emirati artist mohamed kazoo expo dubai
Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde is proud to announce Mohammed Kazem’s participation in the 2021 World Expo’s Sustainability Pavilion, known as Terra, in Dubai.

Two space-filling works prolong the Emirati conceptual artist’s ongoing exploration of his sensorial relationship to spatial environments.

Measuring (2020) destabilizes the rational precision of architectural drawings. The artist explores the banal wall surfaces of his home, ‘measuring’ them in purely subjective terms. His perception of the space, inflected by both memory and mood, determine its dimensions, upending and satirizing the presumed accuracy of any spatial relationship. The Terra iteration of the Measuring pushes the boundaries of this series, initiated in 1998 as drawings on paper: the wall-filling dimensions and crisp dotted lines confront the visitor with a sense of subtle absurdity—a hallmark of Kazem’s creative stance.

Directions (2020, a 9-meter-tall light installation,) amplifies the conceptual punch of Kazem’s Directions series, begun in 1999. Using GPS coordinates of all the countries from which visitors will travel to the World Expo, the artist physically manifests an abstraction (GPS coordinates) of what is a physical position to begin with (a body in space).

Entry tickets here
Opening times:
Tuesday – Thursday 15:00 – 21:00
Friday – Saturday 16:00 – 22:00