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Theatre of Digital Art ToDA Van Gogh Japan dubai art exhibition

Theatre of Digital Art Invites You to Discover Japan Through the Eyes of Van Gogh

Theatre of Digital Art (ToDA) is thrilled to announce an extraordinary exhibition that explores the profound connection between the renowned artist Vincent Van Gogh and the captivating world of Japan. Titled “Van Gogh X Japan,” this immersive show invites art enthusiasts and culture lovers to discover Japan through the lens of Van Gogh — from traditional Japanese prints to other unique art forms.

art dubai ToDA exhibition

Close-up: the Digital Extravaganza Exhibition at ToDA

Let’s agree – the future doesn’t exist. At every moment it is just an infinity of branching possibilities distanced from our fancies and feelings. From 13th May to 31st August 2022, Theatre of Digital Art (ToDA) located in Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, gives one an opportunity to have a presentiment about the future and experience digital art with its upcoming Digital Extravaganza exhibition. Being at the Theatre, visitors feel as if they were a part of the exhibited artworks. Such an effect is created with the help of the Theatre’s space itself, which is 1,800 m2, a 360-degrees projection of images all over the walls and ceiling and a high quality surround sound.

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