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Van Gogh x Japan

Uncover the untold narrative of a Genius from a 360° perspective. Explore the profound influence of Ukiyo-e on Van Gogh’s artistic style, while immersing yourself in the captivating masterpieces from both Eastern and Western traditions. Dive into the world of Van Gogh’s immersive digital pop-up where Japanese artist Saeko Ehara brings his art back to life in forms of a digital code.

Date & Time: October 1st – 31st | All Day (10 am – 10 pm)


Neon Keys with Jolynn J Chin

Experience Grammy-nominated virtuoso Jolynn J Chin’s immersive piano concert, blending classical and pop styles, on October 8th in Dubai. Her emotionally charged compositions and dynamic neon art by Polygon create a sensory symphony that will ignite your heart. Don’t miss this passionately bold performance featuring Bach, Beethoven, and original music.

Date & Time: October 10th| 8:00 PM

The Jazz Night with Lady J

Energize yourself with electrifying current hits and grooving music as Lady J and her band take the stage. This jazz trio will get you grooving from the very beginning and will leave you wanting more. Don’t miss this unforgettable 360° ride.

Date & Time: October 13th| 8:00 PM

¡Fiesta Flamenca!: Tribute to Paco de Lucìa with German Cova

Experience the iconic Spanish art form of Flamenco in all its fiery glory at 360°. This tribute to the legendary Paco de Lucía is a passionate journey through the soul of Spain, guided by German Cova and his quartet. With raw emotions, electrifying choreography, fiery guitar solos, and stunning digital art, this 75-minute spectacle is an immersive celebration that will leave you breathless, capturing the essence of Flamenco like never before.

Date & Time: October 15th| 8:00 PM

Musica Classica by Khurshid Aziz

Embark on a journey of tradition and innovation at 360° with Khurshid Aziz, an award-winning piano virtuoso known for his breathtaking renditions of classical masterpieces. Join us on October 22nd as we pay tribute to Bach, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Schubert, and Mozart, but with a twist! Japanese artist Saeko Ehara combines human creativity and AI to breathe new life into these iconic compositions, inviting you to rediscover the familiar in a whole new light.

Date & Time: October 22nd  | 8:00 PM

Ladies of Jazz

Get ready to witness the evolution of jazz through your eyes and ears every Friday at our immersive Jazz venue. On October 27th, prepare for something truly exceptional as Christine and her remarkable all-female ensemble redefine the boundaries of jazz. With passion, creativity, and a commitment to shatter stereotypes, they’ll take you on a musical journey from smoky ballads to energetic rhythms, celebrating talent and diversity in the universal language of jazz, all at 360°.

Date & Time: October 27th | 8:00 PM

 The Crisis of Imagination

Experience ‘The Crisis of Imagination,’ a captivating blend of circus and theater, where two European festival stars transport adults back to their childhood wonder. In this enchanting narrative, reality, and imagination blur, offering a unique mindfulness practice that celebrates the boundless power of imagination in modern theater.

Date & Time: October 27th and 28th


Sound Healing 360°

Experience the transformative power of Sound Healing—a soothing meditation session that utilizes tonal frequencies to restore vibrational balance. Join us this month for a mindful pause, as ancient instruments like gongs, singing bowls, mouth harps, didgeridoo, and ocarina guide you on a 360° journey of healing and resilience.

Bring your mat and a plaid or hoodie/socks as your body temperature may drop during the experience.

Date & Time: October 5th, 14th, and 18th | 7:30 PM

Immersive Meditation

Embark on an introspective voyage within yourself through our Breathwork Meditation Session. Led by certified meditation facilitator Elisabeth Bohler, this session offers a profound exploration of mindfulness using lights, sounds, and specialized breathing methods. Delve into the practice of circular breathing, a potent technique that enables a reconnection with your inner essence while alleviating stress from both the body and mind.
Date & Time: October 19th and 31st | 7:30 PM

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