dubai art exhibition Mondoir Gallery
In a defining moment for the world of art, Mondoir, the futuristic art gallery committed to supporting emerging and established artists who are working in the digital medium, has announced an innovative collaboration with Dubai Culture and the esteemed Biennale Calligraphy Edition; together, they will bring forth ‘INFINITE’, a solo exhibition by the renowned Arabic calligrapher Diaa Allam this October.

With doors opening from October 1st to the 31st, art enthusiasts and connoisseurs are invited to the prestigious Mondoir Art Gallery to experience this monumental showcase where ‘INFINITE’ will also unveil three never-seen-before pieces, each one a fusion of contemporary calligraphy and abstract art, reflecting the artist’s passion and evolution.


Before indulging in the timeless elegance of Arabic calligraphy that has been effortlessly blended with the boundless horizons of digital art, embodying a fusion of tradition with innovation, visitors will be greeted by Diaa Allam’s masterpieces; each one capturing the essence of modern Arabic calligraphy and accentuated with innovative digital animations that underscore the unlimited potential of creativity when the past meets the present.

Tracks of Our Lives – Boundless 01

We are excited to present ‘INFINITE’, which serves as a beacon of the immense potential of Arabic calligraphy when integrated with modern tech. This exhibition symbolises our vision at Mondoir Gallery — to celebrate age-old art traditions while welcoming the future. We are confident that this partnership with pioneering entities like Dubai Culture and Biennale will set a new benchmark for excellence in not only the world of digital art but ultimately, art as a whole.

Amir Soleymani, Founder of Mondoir Gallery

Bringing the calligraphy to life in a dance of tradition and modernity, Mondoir will reinforce its position as a driving force in the global digital art sector while reaffirming its commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity. As a notable hub for digital art innovation, the Mondoir Gallery proudly stands as one of the official locations to visit during the Biennale next month.

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