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Immerse yourself in exciting experiences across art, concert, and wellness.


Van Gogh x Japan

Uncover the untold narrative of a Genius from a 360° perspective. Explore the profound influence of Ukiyo-e on Van Gogh’s artistic style, while immersing yourself in the captivating masterpieces from both Eastern and Western traditions. Dive into the world of Van Gogh’s immersive digital pop-up where Japanese artist Saeko Ehara brings his art back to life in form of a digital code.

Date & Time: November 1st12th | All Day (10 am – 10 pm)


The Wizard of Oz

Join us this November to experience the famous adventure world of Oz Land. Based on the novel – The Wizard of Oz, allows Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion to take you on a fascinating journey where they meet astounding characters who help them discover the magic within. Watch this story come to life as modern technology meets an immersive experience in a 360° wonderland.

Date & Time: November 13th 30th | All Day (10 am – 10 pm)


Dreams of Miyazaki

Indulge in a captivating confluence created by Hayao Miyazaki & and Joe Hisaishi, brought to you by Gayane Aslanyan — an Armenian piano virtuoso, the winner of 5+ international piano competitions. Prepare for an unforgettable journey of music and visuals as they play known melodies from “My Neighbor Totoro”, “Princess Mononoke”, “Castle in the Sky” & more, while enjoying anime-inspired art at 360°.

Date & Time: November 18th | 8:00 PM

Gamer’s Lullaby

Take a dive into the world of a gamer’s den with Gayane Aslanyan — an Armenian piano virtuoso. Relive your gaming adventures as she creates a unique twist of tunes from The Witcher, Skyrim, Hollow Knight, Undertale, Zelda and Genshin. Together with a 360° digital show — this will become your ticket to a tranquil evening of nostalgia.

Date & Time: November 19th  | 8:00 PM

aMORE 360°

Evoke the charm of falling in love as Dr. Pali Chandra & and her troupe explore the depth of human affection through a fusion of dance & and storytelling. From the elegant and delicate movements of Kathak to the sway of contemporary moves, along with the cultural essence of Sufi, find out all the emotional stages of love and heartbreak. Experience feelings you have never felt before with TODA’s fusion of immersive experience and storytelling.

Date & Time: November 26th  | 3:00 PM and 7:00 PM

Big Band Boogie

A Global Jazz Experience that will sweep you into an immersive voyage guided by the captivating hits of the roaring ‘20s. Groove along with the tunes of 10 world-class musicians and be ready to click to your fingers and tap your toes. From heartfelt notes of Frank Sinatra to groovy bops of Dean Martin, dive into the magical along with a captivating 360°.

Date & Time: November 25th | 6:00 PM


Cacao Meditation 360°

Join us this November for a treat to your body and mind by taking an immersive journey back to your inner self, under the guidance of Dr. Lanalle Dunn. This 360° spiritual awakening experience will calm your racing heart and mind and heal any wounded parts to bring you back to a life of gratitude and peace.

Date & Time: November 8th | 7:30 PM

Sound Healing 360°

Experience the transformative power of Sound Healing — a soothing meditation session that utilizes tonal frequencies to restore vibrational balance. Join us this month for a mindful pause, as ancient instruments like gongs, singing bowls, mouth harps, didgeridoo, and ocarina guide you on a 360° journey of healing and resilience.

Bring your mat and a plaid or hoodie/socks as your body temperature may drop during the experience.

Date & Time: November 9th and 30th | 7:30 PM

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