As part of the ongoing commitment to merging fashion, architecture, and artistry in the region’s vibrant arts ecosystem, ME Dubai Hotel is set to debut portrait artist Natalya Urmanova’s extensive collection starting on February 7th, 2024. Titled “Power of Seeing,” the exhibition showcases Urmanova’s keen eye for detail and presents her artistic and personal journey through a series of captivating black-and- white portraits.

With more than 15 years of extensive background in the fashion industry working with luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Saint Laurent, Natalya is no stranger to the world of glamour and artistic expression through photography.

Jet-setting across countries and continents, her life was a whirlwind of fashion shows in Paris and Milan and an unrelenting commitment to the giants of the fashion industry. Later on, in search of inner freedom and artistic expression, Natalya discovered the enchanting power of capturing people’s emotions and stories within a single frame and has since embraced her destiny as a photographer.

In the heart of the exhibition set to be displayed in ME Dubai’s future-centric 3rd level atrium, “Power of Seeing” transcends the mere act of looking; it’s about seeing beyond what meets the eye. Through a series of black-and-white portraits inspired by the golden age of cinema, her close relationships with fashion houses, and her deep-rooted family history, Natalya aspires to reveal the vastness of the human soul in connection to ME Dubai’s architectural essence inspired by Zaha Hadid.

Her goal is to emphasise the potency of artistic, sensual, and emotional expression as a testament to how humans connect with each other. Encompassing subjects from a diverse sphere of life, from dancers, purveyors of art, designers, and business leaders, Natalya’s egalietarian approach to capturing portaits is able to democratise these social statuses, leaving only the pure essence of each individual.

The “Power of Seeing,” as perceived by Natalya, involves recognising what we are beyond societal, religious, or cultural roles.
Guests, visitors, and art connoisseurs are invited to visit ME Dubai’s creative space and explore Natalya Urmanova’s profound artistry and philosophy behind her lens, capturing the essence of humanity in its purest form.