Discover Rome's most magical area-Quartiere Coppede and fall in love with the beautiful Piazza Mincio, Fontana delle Rane and beautiful villas in the area.

Rome is famous for its architectural wonders and cultural heritage and has so much more to offer other than the Colosseum or the Trevi Fountain. The architecture varies from Classical and Imperial Roman styles to modern Fascist style.

Quartiere Coppede is equally loved by Romans as well as architecture lovers from around the world

And then there is Quartiere Coppede, one of the most magical and creative areas in Rome. So get your camera ready as you are going to have a visual feast of forms, patterns and colors.

The Dreamer Luigi “Gino” Coppedè

Luigi Coppedè was an Italian architect, sculptor and decorator and an exponent of Art Nouveau. Born in Florence in 1866, he was known for his lavish use of ornament, seen in the decoration of his facades and in the swirling bars of iron gates and fences around the palazzos and villas he designed.

Most of his works can be found in Genoa including his first important work Mackenzie Castle, Hotel Miramare and Palazzo Pastorino. His other celebrated works include Villa la Gaeta on Lake Como, where Casino Royale was filmed  and Palazzo Galli in Naples. The Italian capital got its architectural gem – the Quartiere Coppede.

Quartiere Coppede is located North East from the centre of Rome, inside the the Quartiere Trieste and consists of 18 buildings and 27 villas realised in a mix of different architectural styles like Medieval, Renaissance, Roman Baroque, Gothic and, of course, Art Nouveau.

Walking through the area makes you feel that you are in a fairy tale or a dream as you keep discovering the intricate ornaments of facades and enjoying the diversity of shapes, patterns and colours.

Along your way you will meet serpents, lions, angels and other mythical creatures. At times, you won’t even be sure if you are the one observing or if you are being observed yourself.

You can enter the area through the large arch with the Medici Coat of Arms and other embellishments and a huge iron chandelier. The 1976 movie, The Omen in the first six minutes shows Gregory Peck entering through the arch and arriving at his home on Piazza Mincio. 

The Medici Coat of Arms on the facade

Piazza Mincio

 Some of the most beautiful buildings can be seen at Piazza Mincio from the Fairy style cottage, to the Venetian palace. Because of the particular mysterious atmosphere, many famous film directors including the Italian Dario Argento used this place as a setting frothier films.

Fontana delle Rane. Fountain of the Frogs

In the middle there is the amazing Fontana delle Rane (the Frog Fountain), realised in 1924 and composed of 12 marble frogs. One of the legends says that the young “Beatles” were seen bathing in the fountain after their concert in a nearby discoteca piper

Whether you are visiting Rome or are lucky enough to live in the Eternal city, a walk through Quartiere Coppede can be both an enjoyable escape from the chaos and the noise of the city centre and a beautiful aesthetical treat.

I hope you enjoy discovering Rome with me,


Slava Noor