art dubai exhibition Saher Nassar Zawyeh Dubai
The exhibition explores the soldier as a compelling subject and the front visible symbol of power despite functioning as a performer within a grander power structure.

The artworks are centered on the soldier as a compelling subject, being the front visible symbol of power, despite functioning as a performer within a grander power structure. Soldiers undergo rigorous training, sometimes bordering on indoctrination, to execute commands often beyond their desires or intentions. They become pieces in a domino effect, operating in environments they cannot control.

In this exhibition, curated by Giuseppe Moscatello, Nassar adopts an observational rather than a scientific approach. The work remains neutral, neither passing judgment nor offering apologies, occasionally touching upon irony. By examining the intricate and layered motivations of those in service, the work seeks to comprehend their actions and the forces that shape their moral compass.

It is evident that soldiers, regardless of allegiance, possess an unchangeable belief that they are on the “right” side of history, which challenges viewers to ponder: who then stands opposed? Such conviction often shields soldiers from the conventional dichotomy of right and wrong.

The exhibition opens daily from 28 September to 30 December 2023.

About Saher Nassar

Saher Nassar was born in Palestine in 1986. After graduating from the University of Hertfordshire, England, he started a career in illustration and graphic design, working for various renowned media and design institutions in the UAE. It didn’t take long before he changed course and embarked on his practice as an independent artist. His artistic approach to subject matters is fundamentally influenced by contemporary political and social conflicts, where he uses various visual mediums and disciplines to showcase his work.

Nassar has participated in several solo and group exhibitions and was commissioned by various art institutes in UAE. His most recent show with Zawyeh Gallery at Art Dubai, titled Residue, was a comic portrayal of tyranny and the abuse of power represented by soldiers, a work that reflected an act of childishness amidst exploitation, where the residual innocence of childhood manifests as a juxtaposition of violence.

About Giuseppe Moscatello

Giuseppe Moscatello is an artist and art producer holding a bachelor’s degree in Contemporary Art from Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma.

With over 15 years of extensive experience in the UAE and Italy, he has built a network of well- established relationships with key cultural figures, both regionally and internationally. He specializes in developing thought-provoking art, design, and cultural projects, particularly emphasizing cultural diplomacy and cultural intelligence.

Moscatello is dedicated to supporting the cultural ecosystem for emerging artists and cultural practitioners. Between 2010 and 2017, he co-founded Maraya Art Centre, 1971 Design Space, Maraya Art Park, and the Jedaryia public art initiative in Sharjah. In 2019, he played a co-founding role in Foundry Downtown, an art initiative by Emaar. In 2021, he was appointed as the curator of the Sikka 2022 edition by the Dubai Culture Authority. In mid-2021, he ventured into the NFT space and currently serves as an art strategist for UAE NFT, an initiative by BEDU.

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