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Unveil contemporary interior colours with Jotun Paints New Collection.

As the future evolves with every passing day, so too does communication, culture and style. Likewise, the progress of contemporary lifestyles on essential environments where humans interact such as at work and home will need to keep pace with the changing times by reinventing their aesthetics to reflect constant innovation in interior design and urban home décor.

Consequently, Jotun Paints’ 2023 Stories colour collection includes interior paints that portray bold remakes of colour schemes to forge new meanings and fill homes with transformative energy ideal for the modern era. With hues that underscore imaginative expression while demonstrating a flair for trendy décor, the collection exudes a revitalising take on interior home styling.

A few paint colours that showcase a futuristic aesthetic in homes are highlighted below:

Collected Blue

Jotun Colour Code: 5530

A thoughtful and composed blue with an aura of timelessness, this hue evokes spaciousness, ambition and novelty. Often associated with futuristic themes due to its clean look, it works well in spaces with natural lighting and when complemented with chalky-coloured furniture.

Contemporary White

Jotun Colour Code: 12123

Modern, everyday white – ideal for smooth, clean and minimalist vibes. Simplicity is key with this colour so consider complementing it with ceramic and wooden accessories while limiting the décor and opting for off white lighting. This will ensure spaces that encourage clarity, creativity and productivity.

Sophisticated Red

Jotun Colour Code: 2951

This deep, refined fusion of velvet and burgundy presents a charming nod to wealth and urban chic. Its dark tones signify richness and sophistication while interlinking passion and poise to express a futuristic look and feel. It pairs well with neutral-coloured furnishings and is perfect for decorating spaces of rest and relaxation.

Soft Radiance

Jotun Colour Code: 12080

A generous golden tone ideal for flooding rooms with light. Featuring a soft beige, it blends beautifully with contrasting colours and sleek rounded furniture. The tone adds a subtle texture to walls and provides seamless transitions between eye-catching décor making it an ideal choice for reinvigorating homes with a touch of contemporary class.

About Jotun Paints

Founded in 1926, Jotun is a Norwegian multinational chemicals company dealing mainly in Decorative Paints and Marine, Protective and Powder Coatings organized into seven regions. It is the leading paint manufacturer in the UAE and the market leader in the Middle East. It has expanded across the region in Middle East, India and Africa and its product range includes Decorative, Protective, Marine, Floor, Concrete Protection, Powder and Intumescent Coatings, bearing a solid testament to the company’s reputation of being a single source solution for all clients and a true demonstration of the company’s promise – ‘Jotun Protects Property.’

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