National Bank of Fujairah has inspired UAE based artists to participate in the art competition that invites each one of us to take responsibility towards a more sustainable future. More than 500 different artists shared their work in various mediums that reflects the theme “It All Starts With Me” The 5 judges have selected the most creative works that you can see below.



Scrap Aluminum, 75x40x50cm

Art installations based on the theme of sustainability. By creating Environmental Sculptures that demonstrate how beauty can be created from scrap/trash, I hope to change the way the wider community views our surroundings and encourage responsible and creative use of materials. I used the off-cuts from my previous aluminum work / scrap and transformed this into abstract calligraphy sculptures.


Botanical World

Sculpture, 92x15x92 cm

“Botanical World” is solely inspired by nature and its raw materials, which are constantly emitting their beauty and urging all humans to care for nature. A unique sculpture that sheds light on our relationship with plants and emphasizes how important it is for human survival and life on Earth. A wake-up call to highlight the challenges confronting our planet… a message that is heard loud and clear!


Golden Revolution

Sculpture, 52x99cm

At the end of its life cycle, the sculpture depicts a butterfly emerging from a golden cocoon. I wanted to emphasize the beauty of a cocoon (world) being ripped apart by a faulty butterfly in this sculpture (global issues). The world is constantly on strike in response to many climate crises and cases. If we keep our planet healthy, we can help the youth, protect animals and the environment, and promote human rights and democracy.


The art installation/sculpture is about remembering the essence of humanity, that is in all of us. The essence to regenerate, regrow and transform. The hands are representing the existence of this energy in us, that somehow they are coming out from a crumbled paper. The giant crumpled paper with the hands asking to move and create is a symbol of the existence of our power to regenerate without being aware of it.

Remembrance Essence

Sculpture, H: 140cm L: 60-100cm W:50-100cm

Sometimes we need to see how we are one with our planet, universe from different perspective. The regeneration reveals itself once we all are willing to access our collective and individual unconsciousness, the land of unknown for human being but yet full of familiar messages that are taking us to consciousness, if only we are aware of it.

As a human being who got used to live in what we call “normality” and forgotten the simple but yet this powerful value which is co-creating, through collective consciousness, such as ritual & community with a shared values and beliefs. My piece is a calling to see how we are all connected.


Save the bear

Sculpture, 52×99 cm

My love for animals is what drives me to work towards the environment and this passion to contribute towards their conservation. “SAVE THE BEAR” is the title of this quartet of works. Polar bears were listed as a threatened species in the United States under the Endangered Species Act in May 2008, due to ongoing and potential loss of sea ice habitat caused by climate change.  The survival and the protection of the polar bear habitat are urgent issues for WWF.



Linocut on Korean traditional paper. 52×52 cm

The Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority hosts an annual community farm project in which a large sand plot is transformed into a vibrant oasis filled with vegetables grown by residents. My work aims to capture the vibrant life generated by this wonderful community initiative.



Sculpture, 52×99 cm

The idea is to demonstrate that all that is required to begin the process of growth is a seed. This can be interpreted in many different ways and in different aspects of life as long as there is an idea or a will to achieve something, there is hope.


Pleasant Melodies of Vernal

Acrylic on canvas, 115cm

Conversation within me. We are nature, and we are inseparable. Because hope is limitless, art reflects an optimistic victory. The primary message is one of environmental awareness. A metaphorical representation of mother nature’s ideal harmony. Life on earth is a beautiful collaboration of humanity and the environment.


Eco Lines

Digital print on canvas, 20×20 cm, 6 panels

The work represents the six eco-tools that we can use instead of plastic on a daily basis, such as mesh bags, bottles, and cutlery, using one-line drawings. All of these items are widely available today and can be reused, rendering the single-use plastic versions obsolete.


What You Will See

Sculpture, 122×91 cm

What we see now and in the future is determined by our actions and what we pass down to the next generation.  I am inspired by the nature of recycled materials and the potential to create imaginative forms.


Earth Revolts

Digital, 44×44 cm

The Earth has begun a revolt—trying to regenerate after years of human intervention and pollution. Remember that change starts with individuals. No matter who you are or where you live, we each have the power to make a change for our world’s ecological future.


The Aftermath

Sculpture, 111x68cm

Climate change and related disasters inspired this artwork (Flooding and Tsunami). The painting depicts how a flood washes away all debris. Another source of inspiration is water pollution, specifically how large and small objects wash up on the shore and harm the environment.