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In collaboration with Andakulova Gallery, OSH, La Mer’s contemporary licensed restaurant is showcasing Uzbek culture in the form of art.

OSH, La Mer’s contemporary licensed restaurant offering dining flavour inspirations from The Silk Road and the Middle East is now also serving Uzbek culture in the form of art.

In collaboration with Andakulova Gallery in DIFC, OSH’s walls are now adorned with eight artworks by renowned Uzbekistani artists Timur Akhmedov and Sanjar Djabbarov. In addition to showcasing the Uzbek art for viewing pleasure, OSH is also supporting the ethnic art scene by offering diners the opportunity to purchase the pieces directly from the

We are always keen on creating awareness on the wonderful Uzbek culture and for our guests to discover the rich history, tradition, arts and flavors from the country. While we do this with our menu, it is also important for us to we serve the culture with our interiors and the finer details. We’re proud to be displaying these pieces and look forward to collaborating with more Uzbekistani artists in the future, making OSH and dining and art hub.

Jony Romanov, General Manager of OSH commented.

About the Artists

Timur Akhmedov is known for his colour and its development plays the principal role in his artwork. He creates rich in hues colour compositions where the combination of Asian turquoise, warm ochre and vibrant reds creates a strange and a divine colour composition. Over the many years that led Timur Akhmedov to become one of Uzbekistan’s most respected artists, he had the chance to explore painting in all its forms. The work of Timur Akhmedov is moving from the most textured paintings, in which the pigment reveals the deception of the painted image, to graphic work, which has its strong point in simplicity and synthesis.

Timur Akhmedov
Oil on canvas

Born in 1986, Sanjar Djabbarov, has already made a significant mark on the art landscape, having taken part in the Tashkent International Biennale of Contemporary Art, the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art and numerous exhibitions held by the Academy of Arts in Uzbekistan. He has exhibited around the world, holding his first solo exhibition ‘Light and Shadow’ at the Youth Creativity Palace (Fund Forum), Tashkent (the Uzbek capital), in Djabbarov has an experimental approach to creativity, styled in abstract form, making his pieces unique.