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The Museum of the Future has announced The Pearl Diver’s Daughter will take place on Tuesday, March 21 at 7:00 PM, blending cutting-edge technology with choreography, music and narrative to take audiences beneath the waves of the Gulf in a tale of family, tradition, and the perils of the diver and the wonders of the sea.

A contemporary dance performance with live storytelling narration and suitable for all ages, the show utilises augmented reality to highlight the now-lost art of pearl diving, telling the story of a pearl diver, his daughter and a legendary pearl in a mix of history and artistic fantasy.

Pearl Diver’s Daughter at Museum of the Future

Featuring Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter, Mayssa Karaa as the storyteller, the performance is a majestic experience of the senses, written by Maitha Al Kayat and Paul G. Emerson – American contemporary dance organisation, Company | E’s Executive and Co-Artistic Director – with music composed by Eman Al Hashimi, co-Produced by Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation, US Embassy in Abu Dhabi and Cultural Foundation.

About Museum of the Future

The Museum of the Future is the first museum of its kind. Built to transform the very perception of the future as we know it, the unique structure has become home to several immersive future environments that aim to position visitors in an empowering version of the future. Through distinctive themes, it elicits a world we thought we could only experience 50 years from now. Visitors become active participants in an expansive experience that taps into all five senses. By meaningfully merging aspects of science, technology and spirituality, the museum inspires humanity to re-imagine the future and all its possibilities.  

One of the most complex and ambitious projects ever executed, with an instantly iconic inimitable exterior. Rising 77-metres above the ground and comprising 1,024 unique stainless steel composite panels, the façade is adorned in Arabic calligraphy, displaying three quotes written by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai.

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