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Museum of the Future

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Museum of the Future Reveals Line-up of Global Experts Transforming the Future of Our Planet During ‘Climate Future Week’

The Museum of the Future in collaboration with Fiker Institute has announced the comprehensive line up of sessions and activations that will take place at ‘Climate Future Week’ from 26 to 30 September 2023. The five-day event, which includes 29 sessions including 20 public sessions, six workshops, and three flagship activations including climate film screenings, a regional environmental photography exhibition and a climate start-up majlis, will highlight global efforts towards a more sustainable future.

Museum of the Future’s Groundbreaking Showcase of Sustainability Innovations on World Environment Day

On this World Environment Day, the Museum of the Future takes centre stage, embodying the UAE’s unwavering commitment to international sustainability. As the world unites to combat pressing environmental challenges and to beat plastic pollution, Museum of the Future stands as a beacon of innovation, showcasing a visionary partnership with Dubai Municipality to pioneer sustainable solutions for construction, food provision, and a better tomorrow.

Museum of the Future International Museum Day metaverse Ai

Five Reasons to Visit Museum of the Future on International Museum Day

Museum of the Future is a global hub for intellectual discussions, a magnet for visionaries and thoughtleaders, a playground for innovators, and a catalyst for change. Bringing to life the latest developments in science, technology, AI and robotics across key pillars including sustainability, health, wellbeing, mobility and space, the Museum of the Future unites local and international changemakers with the general public to create innovative solutions for a better tomorrow.

The Museum of the Future dubai culture music

‘Dubai Builds the Future’ – The Museum of the Future Releases Special Music Video in Celebration of Eid Al Fitr

The Museum of the Future has announced a special gift to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates in honour of Eid Al-Fitr. Through their digital channels, the museum has released a captivating music video titled ‘Dubai Builds the Future’. The beautifully directed video celebrates Dubai’s pioneering position in transforming challenges into opportunities for sustainable development and highlights the city’s continued commitment to creating a brighter future for all.

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