Burj Heel by Allure Mansour
You may have seen these gorgeous lacquered gold bottom heels recently and thought, “Who makes those?! More importantly where do I get them?!” We’re here to tell you!

You may have seen these gorgeous lacquered gold bottom heels recently and thought, “Who makes those?! More importantly where do I get them?! We’re here to tell you! 



New on the luxury fashion scene this year are the Allure Mansur, Italian-made, gold bottom heels. Known for the Burj Heel design, these gemstone embellished gold heels empower women to make a statement! We spoke to the company’s founder and creative director, Rula Mansur, to find out the inspiration behind these coveted Gold Bottoms! 


Burj Heel in Army Green. Also available in Black.

What is the inspiration behind the Burj Heel?

I was raised in Saudi Arabia and proudly watched as the region’s skylines evolved from sands to skyscrapers. I drew inspiration from the architectural skyline and my love of sky-high heels to design a unique heel symbolizing the region’s transformation and prosperity. 


We are loving the Burj Heel’s Gold Bottoms and Gemstone Embellished Heels. What is so special about the gemstones? 

Precious and semi-precious gemstones are used interchangeably to allow you to make the unique statement you desire. Each heel comes with a corresponding gemstone secured by magnets, but you can easily switch it out with another statement gemstone. I wanted something that was a step up from crystals, so we use real precious and semi-precious gemstones in our heels. The heels are patented to ensure uniqueness as well. 

Burj Heel Lacquered Gold Bottom
Burj Heel Lacquered Gold Bottom
Allure Mansur’s Precious Gemstones
Allure Mansur’s Precious Gemstones

We love that Allure Mansur is a luxury brand, but we also REALLY love that you are an ethical brand as well! How do you achieve that? 

After envisioning the Burj Heel, I drew out a roadmap on how I wanted to achieve creating it. It is important to me to support artisans that share in my vision of fair trade and sourcing ethical materials to create a high quality, socially sustainable luxury product. 

It’s so impressive that a minority woman managed to break into the luxury footwear industry. How did you achieve that?

I appreciate that. It isn’t easy for an indie brand to break into the luxury space, that’s for sure! But I always say my naiveté has gotten me very far in life because I literally flew to Italy with nothing but my dream and designs in hand. Most factories would just turn you away, but serendipity landed me at a factory with a man named Giovanni who helped me understand the manufacturing process.  I like to use my fortunate encounter with him as an example of unlikely compassion in a very competitive industry.

Once I overcame the manufacturing hurdle and found a factory I was pleased with, I began creating the Burj Heel, which took years to design, vet, and prototype. Fast forward to the present, and I’m so proud of the creation because I see and feel perfection. 

The market demand for the Italian, handmade heel is a result of its high quality, attention to detail, and bold statement behind it.  Breaking into the luxury industry is one thing; however, staying there and building a cult following takes a unique, quality product, and that is what Allure Mansur is.


What do you hope your customers will feel when they wear the Burj Heel? 

Empowerment. The Allure Mansur brand ethos is to “Embrace, Empower, and Engineer.” I want them to embrace our values, empower one another, and engineer a brighter future. 

 Burj Heel 120 in Noir (Black) 

Burj Heel 120 in Noir (Black) 

Do you plan to expand your line? 

We work on creating artisanal, limited edition products that are handmade, rare, and unique. I work on designs inspired by global events and what I see around me. For example, we just introduced the Coline Strap which pairs beautifully with the Burj Heel. It utilizes upcycled military gradematerial. Each strap tells a story and our customers are wearing a piece of history. 

On the beauty side, the Gemulate Mask is our limited edition 24-karat gold skincare mask infused with precious and semiprecious gemstones. 

We look for conformity across the Allure Mansur lifestyle brand, so you will see gemstones and gold throughout our products and bold, military-chic styles across all our designs.


Burj Heel with Coline Strap and Photo 8 – 24 Karat Gold Gemulate Mask
Burj Heel with Coline Strap and Photo 8 – 24 Karat Gold Gemulate Mask


Do you have any tips for other businesswomen?

I remember the journey and want to share the message with all other startups: I was truly able to beat all odds and achieve my dream. So many people told me that creating this was impossible; however, every time I looked out my window and saw the skyline along the Corniche, I knew the day would come in which I could hold the Burj Heels in my hands. Never lose sight of your dreams, stand fast, and surround yourself with reminders to get you there! 


Saudi women recently celebrated a second year of driving! What comes to your mind when you think of your birthplace? 

When you let women behind the wheel, they will show you just how far they can go!


Sounds like Rula is doing just what her brand sets out to do: Embrace. Empower. Engineer.

You can follow Allure Mansur on Instagram @AllureMansur  

The Burj Heel is available for sale at https://alluremansur.com/shop/

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