Johanna Ortiz fashion Collection
Renowned fashion designer Johanna Ortiz launches her Andina: Pre-Fall 2023 Collection. With a deep rooted passion for craftsmanship and a love for her cultural heritage, the collection sets forth on an enchanting journey through vibrant colours and rich textures inspired by the Andes and Inca civilizations.

Drawing inspiration from the mesmerising world of colours defined by artisanal heritage, the Andina Collection showcases a fusion of old-world charm and modern elegance. Each piece in the collection represents a meandering exploration into new realms, uncovering the essence of diverse cultures and sensorial treasures.  At the heart of this collection lies Johanna Ortiz’s iconic Palm-Tree language, a symbol of her roots and a captivating ode to her heritage. Andina embraces the mystic glory of the Andes, beautifully translating the cosmology of the tropics to the awe-inspiring mountain peaks.

The collection’s colour palette pays homage to the Inca and their remarkable textile legacy, boasting vivid reds and vibrant pinks, complemented by whispers of muted browns and burgundies. Vibrant Andean emerald greens dance with floral fuchsias and conspire with intense jades. The sophisticated colour palette is the perfect hues for Pre-Fall 2023.

Like any tropical jungle, more is more, the Andina Collection embodies a delightful maximalist approach combining rich textures and prints with elegant minimalist silhouettes. The diversity of the collection ensures that there is something for every occasion, from flowy halter necks gowns to structured heavily embroidered dresses.  Timeless polos with multifunctional sleeves show the characteristics of the versatility of the Johanna Ortiz silhouette. With its rich cultural pieces, the Johanna Ortiz Andina: Pre-Fall 2023 collection promises to be the perfect fit for the new season. Each creation reflects the passion and dedication Johanna Ortiz infuses into her designs, creating a collection that embodies the spirit of exploration, heritage and exquisite craftsmanship.

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