the Age of Adaline
Thanks to the film "Age of Adaline" we can witness the history of fashion through the ever-changing yet always elegant and feminine looks of the heroine.

        The heroine of Blake Lively in the melodrama “The Age of Adaline” falls into a mysterious car accident, after which she stops to age. And the next hundred years, she changes names and looks, remaining, however, true to herself.

At a certain point, Adaline becomes a fugitive, she changes not only cities, but also continents, so as not to raise questions from those around her. That is why her modern wardrobe had to reflect the path that the Adaline made. All her accessories are vintage: handbags of the 40s and 50s, shoes from the 50s. Even from her modern clothes blows history. 

More than 40 different costumes were made for Adaline, but not everything was stitched from scratch, part was taken in vintage collections, even bought in second-hand clothing stores and charity stores. While preparing for the shooting, Angus Strathie (costume designer, winner of the Oscar award) rummaged the wagons of clothing that is historical, modern and made to order. “It was necessary to find what would most effectively convey the character’s story,” –  he says.

This post will feature my favourite Adaline’s outfits, who sticks with her classic look no matter what the decade, read on:                                  

Red Dress

We start with the Red Dress, which Adaline wore for the 2014 New Year’s Eve Ball. This outfit was captured in the film in the photo of 1945 and the classic silhouette of the 40s was used to create it. Blake specifically turned to Gucci fashion house, and they helped to create the outfit.

ball gown concept
Red ball gown in 2014
the same dress in the episode from the 40s

by the way, the coat that Adaline wears over a dress is also coming from the Gucci colection

Vintage coat from the 70s

Next, we look at a vintage coat from the 70s, a small Fiorelli Mia handbag and a sweater with a collar from Donna Karan, created a couple of seasons ago – this is what Adalin looks like in 2015.

It is this mixture of styles that indicates her own style. She is very conservative, because she really is 100 years old! So the viewer gets a feeling of her “old-fashioned” soul.

Vintage cape with sewn beads

The next look from the scene of a date with Ellis. The heroine puts on a special suit – a vintage cape with sewn beads. “It was a very elegant outfit,” – says Blake, “today you don’t see anything like this.”

Channel Low Lace Dress

One of the first looks of Adaline in the movie. Channel Low Lace Dress, Ryan Lo Cardigan, Vintage Handbag

Wedding Dress

Vintage wedding dress with lace embroidery

Noble Gray Suit

The next look was from the scene of a meeting with her daughter. Adaline chose a noble gray suit, complementing it with a mustard color blouse. And as a true woman, she used accessories in the form of a flower brooch and a pair of large earrings.

Trouser set

Trouser sets are no less feminine. Monochrome  print – Miss Harlow T-shirt, Dorothy Perkins cropped trousers. And finishes whole image – hairstyle with chic curls

The 60s

Flower theme is the trend of the 60s. And a silk scarf, and a blue dress from Dorothy Perkins, and a vintage handbag – flowers bloom all over!

Gucci colection

Gucci print dress with ship and Fred Perry cardigan

Gucci Dress

Concludes our parade of costumes – a bright yellow Gucci dress, made specially for Adaline’s character. It is in it that the heroine looks really happy and for the first time in many years she goes to the festive evening not alone, but together with her lover.

Have you seen the movie? What is your favourite Adaline’s look?