Le Marais 101, dubai fashion brand
Discover one of Dubai's trendiest brands Le Marais 101 that promotes sustainable fashion with the line of elegant state-of-art accessories for handbags.

Dubai is rapidly becoming a fashion capital and we love seeing fashion brands that are innovative and offer a truly unique product. Le Marais 101 is definitely a brand to watch (and shop) in 2020 if you want to add elegant accessories to your favorite handbags and show of your unique style.

Le Marais 101

Founded in 2019, LE MARAIS 101 is an exclusive line of handmade leather accessories, created to enhance, embellish, and customize handbags. The accessories’ distinct aesthetics, innovative designs and new‐age techniques enable the pieces to to be easily attached to any bag, and to personalize it according to one’s style preference, personality, and mood of the moment.

Le Marais 101

LE MARAIS 101 celebrates individuality ‐ and through its state‐of‐the‐art products, aspires to magnify beauty, embrace uniqueness, and to take pride in individual personas. In a world of modernization and mass‐production, fast‐tracked by the digital era, it’s easy for one to lose their true sense of self. The unspoken pressures of keeping up appearances, has raised an unfair set of rules, resulting in the loss of individuals’ uniqueness, and the priceless value of the latter.   

Le Marais 101

LE MARAIS 101 believes in in the power of personality, and aims to make beautiful creations, to appreciate the individuality and uniqueness of all women & men. With our line of accessories, we fight against social pressures, we challenge everyone to be different, to be unique, to simply be themselves.

Le Marais 101

LE MARAIS 101 is a brand that says…

Yes to spreading your wings, and soaring.

Yes to taking your time, and transforming into a butterfly.

Yes to being fierce, and to pursuing what sets your soul on fire.

Yes to embracing your uniqueness, and to being different.

Yes to accepting change, and staying faithful to yourself.

Yes to remaining a flawless yet imperfect version of your own true self.

Yes to being you, the best you.

Le Marais 101


LE MARAIS 101’s 19/20 SPRING SUMMER Collection “Libres et Libérés” (Free & Freed) consists of seven different designs, with a variety of options in size, colour and fabric. Prices Range from AED 850 to AED 2200

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