Instagram is a great source for inspiration when it comes to fashion and style, and you may already be using it for just that. When I first decided to write this article, I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to narrow down to just 7 guys.  There are thousands of really good pages to follow with great content, so I decided to take a different approach.  There’s only so much you can get from following the few accounts everyone else is following, so here are some very interesting and stylish men on the gram who you are probably not following yet.  These global style icons pay more attention to construction, craftsmanship and style over trends.  They are wise men, who not only understand clothes and style, but they are real people who understand life. That is why they have made the cut.  Just to be clear, this is not a Top 7 list, but rather a “must follow” list.  The dapper gentlemen mentioned below are in alphabetical order.


I believe style is about personality.  What you wear should be a reflection or perhaps an extension of who you are as a person.

 In today’s world of menswear, the Scandinavians are influencing classic menswear and Andreas is probably the reason why.  You will mostly see him in only blues and browns and somehow, he proves to us that very little colour is required to make an outfit look great.  He is without a doubt a star at Pitti Uomo and definitely one of the most rakish men you will ever come across.  Andreas is based in Sweden and is the managing editor of @manolosweden, a leading style guide for menswear. 



To me style is not just about the clothes you wear.  It is all about your attitude.  You should feel comfortable and confident in what you wear.  You should be the one who wears the clothes and not the other way around.

 A true style icon, inspiring men around the world to look great, Carlos’s vibe is one that – while precisely tailored, it always feels relaxed.  He has a very unique understanding of using colour while maintaining classic elegance.  Carlos is a creative director and fashion consultant based in Madrid, Spain. 

FRANCO MAZZETTI – Florence, Italy


Get to know yourself well and identify the clothes that best suit your person

 I have always said that the first rule of being stylish is kindness, and Franco is the definition of kindness.  Probably the most photographed man at Pitti Uomo, he is a menswear photographer’s dream come true.  The best way to describe his style is sophisticated and elegant. Franco will never compromise on quality and durability and has a unique ability to combine style with being a gentleman.  I can’t wait to meet him again at the next Pitti in Florence. Franco is a menswear consultant based in Florence, Italy.


Be yourself and live life in your own way, it is a journey.  The art of dressing well during this journey is a consequence not the goal

Giorgio is the epitome of Italian elegance and charm.  If you ever get the opportunity to meet him, you will be able to feel his passion towards his work and his love for everything Italian.  Giorgio’s style is so versatile and his execution of Italian “Sprezzatura” (a word you must look up) is on point.  He is the life of every party and a pleasure to hang out with.  Giorgio is a menswear consultant and model based in Italy.



Personal style is a form of storytelling.  It’s that deeper thing of being more than simply well put together, or at least correctly dressed for the occasion, to something which intrigues – in a positive way.  Who is that person over there?

The founder of, Jonathan, for me, is so much more than just style.  A warmhearted gentleman combined with panache and intelligence, he is an entrepreneur, a trend-setter and in many ways, a leader in the industry.  His style is very unique, he would sometimes be seen in a very well made classic bespoke suit or you could catch him in just a short sleeve safari style shirt and trousers, but whatever the look he sports, he is always so well put together.  Sophisticated, elegant, humble and a dear friend is how I would describe him.

JUSTUS HANSEN – Hamburg, Germany


Life without details and personal stories is merely an overview of a Human being.  Clothing without details and a personal touch is merely a uniform.   Seek your personal touch, it will be rewarded not just by others but for your own satisfaction.

Justus would make all “follow them on Instagram” lists and for good reason, go check for yourself.  He’s got the look and style that everyone can relate to, and it is easy to see yourself in him – that is because he has this ability to make being stylish look so easy.   What sets him apart is his mastery in layering and putting different looks together with just a few pieces. 

NICCOLO CESARI – Florence, Italy


A true gentleman must be first in mind and then in form.

Taking inspiration from the films of the past, Nicco has shown the digital world that he does not follow trends but rather prefers to stay classic, whether casual or formal, and adds his own personal touch to each look.  He says his style has evolved over time and believes it is important for a person to understand himself in order to identify his own style.  Meeting him at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence was a real treat, he’s a Pitti celebrity.

Written by Asif Somji – @styledindubai