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Domenico Orefice, the innovative fashion brand seamlessly blending the tangible and the virtual, is set to make a groundbreaking debut at Dubai Fashion Week with a captivating show taking place on 13th October 2023 at 6:30PM, Building 11 at Dubai Design District. Supported by Polimoda, the renowned fashion institute based in Florence, Italy, Domenico Orefice will unveil its much- anticipated collection, A0 24 MODERATE, marking a pivotal moment in the world of fashion.

Polimoda alumnus, Domenico Orefice, a fashion design graduate from the school and recipient of the prestigious Polimoda Talent award will present the latest collection of his homonymous brand, Domenico Orefice, providing a vivid testament to the innovation and creativity nurtured at Polimoda.

Participating in Dubai Fashion Week is an exciting opportunity for Polimoda to connect with the global fashion community and showcase our commitment to fostering creativity and innovation in the industry. We look forward to celebrating the exceptional talent of our alumni, like Domenico Orefice and are thrilled to support Domenico Orefice and the groundbreaking A0 24 MODERATE collection. This partnership perfectly embodies the spirit of innovation and creativity that Polimoda stands for, and we are excited to see how this collection redefines the fashion landscape.

Massimiliano Giornetti, Director of Polimoda

A0 24 MODERATE is the inaugural release from the Domenico Orefice brand, drawing inspiration from the fundamental grade of climbing in Alpinism, known for its free climbing passages. This collection embodies a vertical journey that explores the interaction between humanity and nature, symbolizing the delicate balance between the innate desire for escape and a need for protection.

I am extremely grateful and proud to be nominated by Polimoda to showcase my latest collection on a global platform such as Dubai Fashion Week. A0 24 MODERATE is not just a collection, it’s an exploration of boundaries and a celebration of unity. In today’s ever-shifting reality, a delicate balance exists between opposing elements: the human and the urban, the natural and the digital. Each piece in the A0 24 MODERATE collection serves as both a protective shell for navigating these realms and a vehicle for boundary-free exploration. We look forward to sharing our vision with the world.

Domenico Orefice

A0 24 MODERATE is a fusion of tailoring and sportswear, an a-gender and a-seasonal collection ideal for traversing diverse worlds each piece serves as a protective shell for limitless exploration. Domenico Orefice embodies a dual universe, seamlessly merging two worlds that complement each other, erasing the boundaries between the tangible and the virtual. This harmonious duality is reflected in every aspect of the brand, serving as an unbreakable thread connecting fashion, accessories, and the metaverse.

Domenico Orefice is a global community that shares values such as respect for the planet and inclusivity, making it an authentic and international force in the world of fashion.

About Domenico Orefice

Domenico Orefice is a fashion brand that embraces duality, blurring the lines between the tangible and the virtual. The brand’s immersive online experience, the Hybridverse Bunker Experience, offers a new way to explore fashion in a virtual world. Each collection reflects a fusion of sportswear and innovation with tailoring and craftsmanship, all underpinned by an unwavering commitment to quality and uniqueness. Domenico Orefice is a global community that shares values of respect for the planet and inclusivity, making it a distinctive presence in the fashion industry.

As a graduate of Polimoda’s Fashion Design program, Domenico Orefice catapulted onto the global stage in 2021, unveiling a stunning graduate collection at the iconic Art Thou Polimoda Graduation Show, which inaugurated the 100th edition of Pitti Uomo in Florence. That same year, Domenico was selected for the esteemed Fashion Bridges project, a collaboration between The Embassy of Italy in Pretoria, South Africa, Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, South African Fashion Week and Polimoda, and presented a capsule collection at Milan Fashion Week. In the subsequent year, Domenico earned the Polimoda Talent award, an exclusive business development program reserved for the most promising entrepreneurial ventures among the school graduates. This milestone marked the genesis of the Domenico OreficeTM  brand, which made an unforgettable debut at Pitti Uomo in June 2023, commanding its dedicated space and solidifying its presence in the global fashion landscape.

About Polimoda

Polimoda is known all over the world for its independent approach and its innovative vision of fashion education, based on the combination of design and business. Recognized as one of the best fashion schools in the world, it integrates the know-how of Made in Italy design and production with an international vision. Polimoda’s offer includes a wide range of courses and masters for the training of the main professional figures required by the sector, from creative to managerial and strategic ones. Prestigious partnerships for courses held with the most important fashion companies, while mentors and teachers from the industry guarantee teaching based on experience and training that is always up-to-date and in step with the professional reality. With three prestigious locations and 70% of students from abroad, Polimoda represents an international cultural force in the heart of Florence.

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