RIANNA + NINA is proud to introduce FANTASIA. This extraordinary collection transports thewearer into a realm of enchantment and wonder, where imagination intertwines withelegance to create a kaleidoscope of color and creativity.

Taking inspiration from the allure of the imaginary, Fantasia features an array of incredible pieces created by hand from the finest materials, including luxurious jacquard, viscose, and wool fabrics.

This collection also sees the introduction of printed corduroy to the RIANNA + NINA lineup, adding a whimsical touch of texture to each ensemble. Prints for the collection are hand-painted in a style characteristic of the brand’s charm and joie de vivre, making them a perfect addition to the wardrobe of those who appreciate artistry and elegance.

From ethereal evening dresses adorned with intricate Indian hand embroidery, to elegant skirts, blouses, and more, every garment invites wearers on a continuous journey of self-expression and discovery that can be experienced from day to night.

About the brand

RIANNA + NINA is more than a brand. It’s a colorful universe, created by two women with a love for vintage textiles treasure-hunted around the globe, a passion for craftsmanship, a deep belief in bringing true sustainable luxury to an extravagant clientele, and a desire to excite people with the extraordinary.

Starting as a small boutique in Berlin in 2014, RIANNA + NINA has grown rapidly, attracting international attention and acclaim for their never-before-seen, vibrant styles. Today, RIANNA + NINA is stocked by over 50 A-list boutiques and leading hotels, has been featured in media like Emily in Paris and Sex and the City: And Just Like That…, and attracts clients from all over the globe with their new definition of luxury. In 2022, the label opened its first flagship store at the Palais Royal in the heart of Parisian creativity, and recently debuted its second flagship at the Marbella Club Hotel in Spain.

For more information about FANTASIA and to explore the full collection, please visit www.riannaandnina.com.