As we prepare to bid adieu to this horrendous year with a hope to never see such a year again, we cannot help but think about the Christmas shopping season, which is upon us. Will Santa visit bearing gifts this year? Are we going to witness the first ever virtual office Christmas party? Did someone say fireworks? While we may not really have much control over the future, we can at least ensure you are the best dressed man this fall/winter.


I have to level with you, I am not a fan of this colour but streetstyle trendsetters as well as pitti-goers have been favouring all kinds of earthy tones this season, which includes every shade of brown you can think of.   From leather separates to cozy teddy-coats as well as corduroy suits, there are so many varied ways to wear this colour. And wearing them clashing works just as well as if you’re going for a full-on monochromatic look.  It’s striking how many interpretations of the colour brown exist and how versatile it is.  I am starting to love these earthy hues, and I am sure you will too. Can you imagine how much more interesting the daily 9-5 would be if we added a bit of tan and chocolate?  Take a look at these pictures and see for yourself. 


The roll neck, a.k.a. the turtleneck, is a modern wardrobe staple and is this season’s biggest trend. It has the comfort of a crew neck, but with the added benefit of being considerably smarter, it’s fully earned its spot in the menswear hall of fame. The roll neck jumper is a timeless classic thanks to its versatility and the fact that it’s extremely comfortable.  To nail the look, opt for a mid-weight knit and experiment with tucking it into a pair of trousers before capping off with a shearling jacket for bonus points. It can also be worn equally well with a suit or just an overcoat.  Here are some stylish men showing us how its done. 


We don’t expect classic tailoring to evolve much, hence the word classic, but what is changing is howmen are wearing it. The sartorial crowd no longer follow old codes but prefer to add casual elements while maintaining impeccable style.  One thing I have noticed is a general move towards a more casual ensemble by way of swapping suit jackets forleather/suede blousons or accessorizing a suit with sneakers and caps.  And if you really wanted to push the boundaries, try the unbuttoning of button-down collars trend, although I’m not really sure how I feel about that. Check out these very dapper gents who are changing the way men dress in the modern world.


Houndstooth and herringbone will continue to dominate winter 2020 as it did winter 2019. The patterns were everywhere and in all forms at PittiUomo in January, and this trend will continue this upcoming season – everything from the classic monochrome style to more intricate check patterns. The houndstooth pattern is quite striking, so if you’re against bold colours, go for a black/white or muted earthy tone as an alternative.  Otherwise just opt for herringbone which is definitely a more subtle option and looks amazing in browns, greens and greys.  Here’s how to wear it.


After all that talk of browns and houndstooth, let’s not forget reliable navy, which always ticks every box. It doesn’t have to be boring either. Check out some stunning examples of chaps wearing nothing but navy from head to toe, looking very elegant to boot. And how about the navy blazer, which is a staple for every manbecause it is so dependable and versatile. If you don’t believe me, here are some of the best-dressed guys who make navy look like some kind of menswear bliss.


If Pitti was anything to go by, men’s jewellery is definitely a thing.  For some it’s a step too far, but what is for sure, we are seeing more and more of it – mostly in the form of rings and bracelets.  It’s an opportunity to express your personality which sometimes gets hidden behind a formal business look.  A skull-ring on a very well-dressed gentperhaps adds a hint of a secret life and that mystery adds a whole new dimension of style.  


Anyone who knows me knows I love hats and luckily for me, its trending.  More recently, the beanie and the cap have been seen alongside classic sartorial looks, but there’s no doubt that the fedora isback with a bang.  Most men have resigned themselves to a quiet, hat-less life but with seemingly endless styles to choose from, there’s one out there for every man.  Any doubts?  Check out these fashion forward gentlemen. 

Written by Asif Somji,

Photography by Kristina Tochilko