This May, Azraq, the volunteer-run not-for-profit marine conservation organisation, has joined forces with Coralife, a collective of dedicated eco-divers with a shared vision for environmental preservation. Together, the two entities have collaboratively established thriving coral restoration sites and fostered fruitful collaborations with governmental bodies in the UAE, aiming to combat the alarming decline of coral reefs and marine biodiversity.

Coralife has spearheaded three notable artificial reef projects, one in Khorfakkan and two in Dibba in the United Arab Emirates, yielding remarkable success rates and further solidifying their commitment to marine conservation. Hala Dahmane, President & Managing Director at Azraq ME, shares, “Our collaboration with Coralife represents a significant stride towards achieving our shared vision of a sustainable future for our oceans. This partnership amplifies our impact through collective action, fostering a global community of environmental stewards, driven by the urgent need to protect marine life and their habitats.”

“Through our partnership with Azraq, our primary objective is to enhance our coral reef campaign by strategically deploying artificial reefs. Together, we strive to educate individuals about the vital role of marine ecosystems, empowering them to enact positive change. Our collective goal is to forge a brighter, more sustainable future for our oceans, ensuring they remain vibrant and resilient for generations to come,” says Saleh Mohammed Al Dhuhoori, Managing Director of Coral Team fz LLC.

This impactful partnership, rooted in a shared commitment to environmental sustainability, has evolved into an international force, boasting 100 volunteers from 28 countries. Their united efforts have led to tangible environmental stewardship actions, including impactful ocean clean-up campaigns. The mission of this collaboration is clear: to safeguard marine life and advocate for the protection of oceans and the myriad creatures within.

About Azraq

Azraq is a volunteer-run not-for-profit entity registered with the Community Development Authority in the UAE. Its purpose is to gather communities from across the UAE and inspire them to make positive changes that protect the wellbeing of our oceans.  Born in 2018, the organisation aims to achieve cleaner and healthier oceans through initiatives such as coral restoration, mangrove planting and beach clean ups. It also aims to raise awareness of issues impacting the marine environment, and the life within it through educational presentations and social media communications.

Azraq is accredited by the United National Environment Assembly (UNEA) of the UN Environment Program, enabling it to contribute to worldwide environmental policy decisions.

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