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Discover these equestrian artists who work with different mediums but are equally inspired by the beauty of horses.

The image of a horse is a universal symbol of strength and beauty with a vigorous spirit and driving force in life, it has always been associated with a mixture of values, such as intellect, prestige, elegance and nobility. That’s the reason why equestrian art can harmoniously fit into various spaces and interiors.

Discover these equestrian artists who work with different mediums but are equally inspired by the beauty of horses.

1. Marie Ackers (UK)

Initially inspired by the old master and “French Animalier”, french artist Marie Ackers has gone beyond realism and tradition to capture a contemporary interpretation of animals. In her work, Marie deconstruct the movements, trip down to pure lines, simplify the shapes and identify the dynamic and the rhythms of the lines to produce contemporary and distinctively elegant sculpture inextricably associated with but yet completely independent of reality.

Marie’s work can be found in various galleries in the UK and Europe and recently the Gold walking cheetah and the bronze polished sitting cheetah have been accepted in the “Salon des Artistes Francais 2021” in Paris.

Her inspiration comes from various sources from the “French Animalier” to the simplicity and purity of Brancusi’s work, the shapes and presence of Henry Moore sculptures, the sharp and clean lines of Calder metal sculptures as well as Pompom, Lynn Chadwick, architecture old and modern.


2. Giulia Vesentini (Italy)

Guilia is a master mosaicist who graduated from the world-renowned School for mosaicists – “Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli” where she had the opportunity to learn traditional Roman and Byzantine techniques and then to experiment in the search for her own personal style.

Her works alternate between tradition and innovation, confirming that mosaic is recognized not only for its technical craftsmanship but also for its artistic and emotional value shown through the use of different techniques, colors and materials.

Giulia participates as an artisan to create collective works for important international brands. Moreover she is also known for realizing all phases of various church art projects: starting with a right material selection and finishing with on-site installation. Recently Giulia has created a 6 meters long cross for one of the churches in Puglia (Italy). 


3. Thorgrimur Einarsson (Iceland) 

Thorgrimur is an Icelandic artist, born in Reykjavík in 1980. Whenever possible, he prefers to work from direct observation, believing it to be the optimum way of creating an authentic look. Even though the artist finds inspiration in a variety of subjects, the landscape still remains one of his greatest passions that continually find its way to the canvas.

Working in “Alla Prima” (“at first attempt” in Italian) style of painting – a wet-on-wet approach whereby wet paint is applied to previous layers of still-wet paint, Thorgrimur expresses his subject in what he likes to describe as a painterly realism. Maintaining an emphasis on “accurate” drawing, values and color, he aspires to capture his subject as honestly as possible while articulating its emotional impact.


4. Athena Jahantigh (France)

Athena arrived in France after obtaining a Master’s Degree in Arts in Iran. She went on to study Arts and the Science of Art at the Panthéon University Sorbonne and acquired a Doctorate’s degree in Fine Arts. Despite the demands of her studies during that time, Athena continued to sculpt. She now lives in the South of France where she is able to devote all her time to her passion as a professional sculptress.

“The choice of the horses image in my work is rather cultural. This magnificent animal has lived alongside us for most of human history. The horse is simplistically represented in the animal drawings inscribed on ancient pottery in Iran, later it becomes to take form of vessels or figurines. Personally, I find the horse to be the most elegant animal in existence. I am always amazed every time I see a horse: its beauty and strength, pride and gentleness, power and appeasement at the same time,” – Athena says.


5. Anna Cher (UK)

Anna Cher is an equestrian and canine artist based in the UK.

As a passionate animal painter, Anna focuses on the beauty of nature as a whole, and in particular, unique personalities.  Equestrian sports are playing a great role in her artworks, especially horse polo.

Anna’s works is a dance between realistic and abstract art. Thanks to experimenting with brushstrokes, layers and colors Anna finds a delicate balance between the energy of mark-making and perception of reality. She paints with acrylics and palette knives which lets her work without overthinking, keeping her paintings immediate, fresh, and alive.


6. Haitz de Diego (Spain)

Haitz was born in a little coastal town called Ondarroa, in the Basque Country. His passion for arts appeared at the early childhood as he was spending hours drawing in his grandpa’s lap.

Haitz decided to study Graphic Arts first in San Sebastian and further in Barcelona in order to improve and strengthen his techniques in drawing and painting.

The main leitmotif of his works is animal art. Particularly, equine theme comes to Haitz from his partner’s passion for horses. To express the immersive power and energy of this magnificent creatures, Haitz combines different tools such as: palettes, rollers, brushes of all types and sizes, he also unites straight and direct strokes to give strength to the textures.

“The range of colors I use is very subdued and with little saturation to give the work more rawness”, – says Haitz.

Understanding that Haitz can completely dedicate his time to do what he likes – performing arts, makes him feel proud! He had the honour to join the international fairs in Paris, Barcelona and Bodensee (Austria).


7. Ninon Art (Netherlands)

Ninon is fascinated by the way all living beings are connected. She loves horses, and ever since she was small she could be found on horseback in the forest, accompanied by a dog.

Ninon feels truly inspired by nature and animals, always trying to express the vital force from nature into her work, considering each of her sculptures a ‘living being’. Her artworks, spread all over the world, express a mixture of meaningful values: inner force, sensuality, balance, essence of life, love.

Ninon believes she has a power to charge her hands with love in order to transmit it into her artworks – that’s the reason why many people often feel an impulsive desire to touch her sculptures. Apart from sculptures she also makes paintings and photographs.

Ninon has an experience working as a photo producer and stylist for grand photo shoots and luxury design interiors. In collaboration with Vandersandestudio (architecture, interior design and styling projects for Hotels and private residences) she was responsible for the entire styling of the 5-star “Conservatorium Hotel” in Amsterdam, including restaurants, lobbies, rooms, spa, corridors etc. Two sculptures of Ninon were also commissioned by this hotel.

Recently Ninon has created an outdoor sculpture for “The Royal Senchi Hotel” in Ghana, Africa, at the meantime her other sculpture was sold for a private garden in Beverly Hills, USA.


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