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A group exhibition will take place at the Embassy of Mexico in Abu Dhabi, titled 'An Introspective Look at Nature, its Colors, and Textures'.

The United Arab Emirates is a melting pot of cultures, where all individuals come together and embrace their differences. The Embassy of Mexico is building a bridge between civilizations, uniting the UAE and Mexico together with the help of Art.

This summer, a group exhibition will take place from June 29 until September 29 titled ‘An Introspective Look at Nature, its Colors, and Textures’.

The title of this exhibition refers to the creative efforts of these contemporary artists where motives, cultures, minds, experiences and different worldviews are mixed, all together are pointing in the same direction: an interpretation of the will and essence of the women who through their looks are reflecting the power of their decisions and their empathy towards the others; and that inner power that the introspection gives and directs us to a necessary and continuous experience of self-knowledge; also the infinity of nature that freely and abundantly offers us its colors, textures and the vital experiences that are born simply from its contemplation.

H.E. Francisca E. Méndez Escobar, Ambassor of Mexico to the United Arab Emirates.

The participating artists will include Summayah Al Suwaidi, Alejandra Palos Ortega, Enrico Di Maria and Leonardo Partida Prieto.

Sumayyah Al Suwaidi

Sumayyah Al Suwaidi is a multiple award winner artist born in Dubai.
Her passion for digital art started in 1996, and then in 2001, she launched her first collection. Sumayyah combines textures, colors, contrasts that make her creations unique and invaluable.

Alejandra Palos Ortega

Alejandra Palos Ortega was born in Mexico, and raised in the Baja California peninsula. She grew up immersed in the beauty and stillness of that place, where a deep admiration was developed towards the nature and its forms.

Enrico Di Maria

Enrico Di Maria began to paint in his mature age, starting with watercolors, and then with acrylics and oil. He is fascinated by the landscapes and the Mediterranean Sea, and by the life and the light, which is what he tries to capture in his paintings.

Leonardo Partida Prieto

Leonardo uses his art as a channel to speak about his mind, beliefs and specially his dreams. Using acrylics as his main technique, he tries to give depth to his work by arranging each tint from darker to brighter.

These four artists will showcase their artwork at the cultural space of the Embassy of Mexico in Abu Dhabi. If you are interested in visiting, contact:

For more updates about this event follow: @arte8lusso on Instagram.