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As the festive season is approaching, I have decided it is time do treat my skin with a facial. It has become very sensitive after the laser facial treatment I did in August and also very dry and irritable, especially in the colder European weather. The post laser redness was a major concern as I did not feel confident to go out without putting a light layer of foundation.

frame by Sarah Battikha  dermatology clinic dubai
Dermatology clinic Frame by Sarah Battikha in Dubai

I have heard that the acclaimed Dermatology clinic Frame by Sarah Battikha in Switzerland now had a new branch in Dubai and decided to try it out. The clinic is conveniently located on Al Wasl Rd. and was easy to reach. I was welcomed with a warm ambience and a friendly team.

I was offered some refreshments and a form to fill out, focusing on the state of my health, the recent procedures and my concerns.

The next step was checking the state of my skin before getting a recommendation for the right facial for me.

Dr. Maria Wilma has thoroughly checked my skin using both white light and blue light-which allowed to see both the dead skin and all the redness-the signs of the irritation post my laser procedure. She carefully wrote down all the concerns-redness, irritation, dryness before deciding the steps of the Frame Signature Facial.

The facial started with cleansing the skin, removing blackheads and whiteheads, followed by 3 rounds of applying different Skinseuticals serums on the skin.

I also stayed for about ten minutes under the blue light which helped to calm down the redness.

The last step was the mask and I really liked that Dr. Maria created a special mixture out of 2 different masks for me in order both to clarify and sooth the skin and reduce the breakouts.

A beauty prescription is important for post care

My facial was followed by a quick chat and a recommendation for the post care. I was given a clear routine involving my existing products as the products by Skinceuticals – I was given samples that lasted just over a week.

The Results of the Signature Facial at Frame by Sarah Battikha

Right after the facial my skin felt very refreshed and nourished, there was little redness and I even went out the same day as I was allowed to wear make up. A few days later the skin really calmed down, felt very smooth and fresh. It is not irritable anymore and the dryness on the cheeks went away completely. I feel confident to go out without wearing makeup and excited about the upcoming festivities. Thank you Dr. Maria, I am definitely coming back!

frame by Sarah Battikha dermatology clinic dubai Arte & lusso dubai art magazine

About Frame by Sarah Battikha

Hailing from Geneva, Frame by Sarah Battikha is the third clinic for the brand, with the UAE being the first outpost outside Switzerland.  Offering a new and convenient location for Dubai residents, the clinic offers a range of outstanding treatments for both and men and women, all performed by a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals. 

Using the latest technologies and a little European savoir-faire, Frame by Sarah Battikha brings a personalised and human experience that provides the best in customer service which in turn allows the clinic’s discerning patients to receive the very best results possible. Resident skin specialist, Dr. Maha Ezzelarab is licensed in Dermatology and has over 5 years of experience across the UAE, she is also a member of the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine and is highly proficient in a range of skincare treatments from Botox, PRP, filler, thread lift, Profhilo, tattoo removal, pigmentation treatments and more. With no two clients the same, each service is tailored, adapted and personalised to the individual.  

The range of facials offered at Frame by Sarah Battikha can treat any skin concern and condition, leaving clients with satisfying results. From microneedling, HIFU, mesotherapy and facial peels to signature Frame facials that use their own protocols and promise to clear, glow and lift the skin. The clinic prides itself on offering solutions that not only improve the appearance but contribute to increasing physical and mental wellbeing too.