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Get ready to illuminate your Diwali celebrations with our extraordinary gift guide! This Diwali, we bring you a dazzling array of options to delight your loved ones and make the festival of lights truly special.

From twinkling trinkets that will light up their lives to the coolest crackers that add an extra sparkle, we’ve got it all covered. Spice up your Diwali gifting game that is bound to spark joy in the hearts of those you care about. So, go ahead, let your inner gift shine, and make this Diwali an unforgettable celebration!

Gold Collagen Pure, AED 314

A box with a bottle of collagen

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Perfect to tackle early signs of aging and promote healthy looking skin, the Pure Gold Collagen range is an ideal gift for men and women over 25 years of age. An award-winning supplement, Gold Collagen blends collagen with antioxidants, active ingredients, vitamins and minerals to replenish skin and revive youthfulness.

The range is available for purchase via and leading pharmacies in the region. 

Happy Beard Gift Set from, AED  99

Gift your macho man the ultimate grooming set from Italian brand, Happy Beard, available exclusively at Featuring the Sweetwood Beard Mask and Beard Shampoo, these are enriched with prickly pear oil for an extra dose of softness and shine.

Available online at

Lue By Jean Skin Solution Set from, AED  137

A busy season requires simple ways to take care of your skincare and maintain your facial glow! Gift Beauty Ethic’s Lue By Jean Skin Solution Set that offers a 3-step product to keep you in control of your skin and healthy lifestyle habits with cruelty-free buys.

Available online at

Watsons, Swati Colour Contact Lenses, AED 177

Your Diwali look will be incomplete without this set of show-stopping lenses. From matching your outfit to completing the look, SWATI colored lenses are a small accessory with big impact.

Available in Watsons stores and online at