Ajmal Perfumes luxury perfumes inest fragrances collection.
Ajmal, the seven-decade-old perfume connoisseur, has launched a brand-new store at Al Safa, Dubai.
  • Ajmal’s latest flagship showroom at Al Safa is launched in the esteemed presence of Abdulla Ajmal, COO of Ajmal Perfumes, and professional Arabian footballer Ammar Alkhadeery. 
  • Strategically located at Al Safa, hosts all of Ajmal’s finest fragrances collection. 

Ajmal, the seven-decade-old perfume connoisseur, has launched a brand-new store at Al Safa, Dubai. The latest addition is an ode to the increasing demand for the brand’s signature perfumes. The new flagship Ajmal store is certain to add a dash of opulence to the city’s luxury fragrance scenes.

The latest store strategically located at Al Safa offers an exquisite fragrance experience for perfume connoisseurs. The Al Safa store showcases an exciting range of traditional Oriental and Western fragrances, Agarwood and Dahn Al Oudhs, home perfumery products, and Ajmal’s Textile collection. This store adds to the ever-expanding list of retail stores of Ajmal perfumes in this region, Ajmal’s Al Safa store is their 55th retail store in UAE. Ajmal Perfumes has more than 300+ retail showrooms globally.

The new store is inaugurated by Deputy COO, Abdulla Ajmal, who commented,

Over the last seven decades, Ajmal has carved its name in the heart of perfume lovers. We have launched many strategic stores to make our finest collection available to our dutiful customers. Due to popular demand for opulent and long-lasting scents, we are committed to bring to them to our finest stores. We are hopeful our flagship store at Safa will continue to win hearts.

The location of the store was also decided keeping in mind the mix spread of loyal customers of Ajmal Perfumes residing in the area.  Whether it is luxurious scents with warm undertones or fine perfumes, Ajmal Perfumes has always catered to today’s trending tastes. A leading brand in the perfumery space, Ajmal Perfumes’ ethos is imbibed in the hearts of its possessors.

During the event, Abdulla Ajmal also took the opportunity to present their latest offering Qafiya 08, their new essence to celebrate the beautiful game of football.

Qafiya 08 is a crafted testament to citrusy, floral, and woody notes.  Abdulla Ajmal, Deputy COO, Ajmal Perfumes, shared during the event, 

Qafiya has always symbolized pride. With Qafiya 08, we have created a fragrance that is the new essence of Khalijee pride. We have kicked off a new essence that celebrates the spirit and joy of beautiful game of football that connects to everyone globally.

The store launch is attended by Ammar Al Khadeery, a Middle East freestyle football champion, and a two-time Guinness World Record holder. Ajmal Perfumes has successfully stayed on top of dynamic trends in the market. The Ajmal Perfumes store showcases the latest collection of fragrances including the Exclusive Oriental and Western collections of EDP, Dahn Al Oudh, Agarwood, bakhoor, as well as the textile range from Ajmal. Those looking to purchase the latest scents from the store such as Qafiya 08, Evoke Midnight, Dahn Al Oud, etc, can purchase it from the store or online as well.