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Keturah Reserve is an innovative new luxury residential development in Mohammed Bin Rashid City, District 7, Dubai, that offers transformational living through the design of space.

Keturah Reserve is the first residential development in the Middle East to immerse residents in nature through Bio Living.
A secluded, private development nestled in the heart of Meydan in District 7, Keturah Reserve is enclosed by lush, landscaped nature.
Keturah Reserve is the only residential development in Dubai with a direct 9-minute link to Downtown, with four separate exits onto the city’s main thoroughfares: Al Ain Dubai Highway, Al Khail Highway, Al Meydan Road and Sheik Zayed Road.
The AED 3 billion (US$ 817 million) project is scheduled for completion in Q2 2025.

The architecture and interiors of Keturah Reserve homes are crafted from the same raw materials and colours to subtly blend with the surrounding desert landscape.

Keturah is an Arabic word that refers to a fragrance traditionally diffused throughout the home specifically to welcome guests. Resonating like ‘couture’ makes it the perfect term for bespoke new luxury.
• 93 townhouses
• 90 villas
• 540 units over 6 apartment block buildings
• 8 penthouse apartments
New Luxury is raw and silent. It elevates and empowers. It creates a profound emotional well-being of mind and body through the sensitive design of interior, exterior and personal space.


Bio Living is rooted in Biophilic Design, architecture and interior design conceived to incorporate nature into the built environment to improve the physical, mental and emotional health of its occupants. Bio Living at Keturah Reserve creates the perfect synergy between the interior design, architecture and landscape, in complete respect of the surrounding ecosystem.

The infinity pool overlooks the landscaped olive grove.


Home is we reconnect deeply with our emotions and our inner self. Keturah Reserve SuperHomes are uniquely designed from the inside out using the Golden Mean principle of proportion and ratio to create harmony in space. Both interiors and architecture are crafted from the same raw materials and colours to subtly merge the architecture with the surrounding desert landscape. Travertine, wood and bronze link inside with outside. The restrained color palette of bleached bone, champagne and bronze further introduces the natural landscape inside the home. Lush growing nature is visible from every vista, including olive trees, palm trees, green walls, balcony planters and rooftop gardens. Keturah Reserve homes are designed with double volume interior spaces, increasing the flow and circulation of naturally cooled air. Open plan spaces without corridors or hallways optimize the flow of passage. Furniture and fixtures are custom designed and produced for each space. They blend perfectly into the interior, freeing the flow of movement, and elevating the resident’s physical and mental well-being.

Homes are angled to capture and optimize natural daylight, gently diffusing it throughout the interior without heat or glare. When daylight fades, architectural lighting optimizes the body’s circadian system, enhancing mood, comfort and alertness, and improving the quality of sleep, while creating a subtle and healing atmosphere in the home. Bio Living respects all life forms equally, flora, fauna and human. Living in harmony with nature, heals, restores and regenerates.


The Park is the focal point of Keturah Reserve, a place to recharge and socialise, open 24 hours a day. Shaded by olive trees sourced throughout the world, The Park is for pedestrians of all ages, with Japanese foot massage mats, open air meditation and exercise zones.


Keturah Reserve is conceived to create a thriving and harmonious community with communal spaces such as The Park, the outdoor pool, women’s and men’s gyms and spas. Amenities are easily accessed on foot through cool, tree-shaded pathways. Just as with the architecture, activities such as the Pilates Studio, WaterBike pool, Silk Rope classes, rooftop meditation and yoga space, are all designed to develop and strengthen the body’s core from the inside out.


The Kids’ Zone is designed for mindful educational play activities tailored to all age groups, from babies to toddlers, pre-school to school-going children, pre-teens to teens. Amenities include a creche, educational day care center and summer camps, Montessori classes, Music and Dance Academy, outdoor splash pool and play areas, kids’ spa, Bio Living Farm, indoor gym and activity center.


Talal Moafaq AlGaddah is the 38-year-old founder and CEO of the New Luxury real estate and hospitality brand, Keturah.

Keturah Reserve is his first standalone luxury wellbeing real estate launch. It is scheduled for completion in Q2 2025.

“New Luxury is all about experience. I want to give people a space to connect, with their family, with their mind, with themselves and with all aspects of their life. I want to create something with an authentic value that will endure for generations; a beautiful development, beautifully crafted, with a trusted developer. We are building a brand that people can trust and buy into blindly. When people know you trust and respect them, they will happily stay with you for years to come.”

“Keturah Reserve is uniquely conceived and designed. Each detail has been crafted with care to elevate and enrich the lives of every generation of our residents. Our vision is for Keturah Reserve residents to be the happiest, most fulfilled people in Dubai.”

“Dubai is a very safe place to live. It’s clean, dynamic, open for business 24/7, and with excellent airports – this city breeds life!
Dubai was built at speed and often in direct reaction to its immediate needs. When cities are built this fast, gaps can often be spotted. Filling those gaps makes living here even better. For Keturah Reserve, the gap I saw was for a New Luxury development with a real sense of community that is fully prepared for the coming generations.”
“This project is designed for children, women, and men as individuals. Too often, so-called family developments focus exclusively on children, whereas Keturah Reserve allows each family member of any generation to find their own space, with excellent services tailored to their individual needs.”
“Many developments in Dubai have a gym, a library, or a pool, yet their residents choose not to use them and to go elsewhere. Maybe the spaces are not adequate, maybe they were added as an after-thought, or constructed with little or no attention to the finer details. This is exactly the opposite of our thinking. When it comes to services and amenities, we offer our residents nothing other than the very best of the best.”
“We want people to feel that this community belongs to its residents, and the residents belong to our community. If you own a home in Keturah Reserve, you’re instantly one of our community members.”

“We’re offering people space, space of mind, and space to relax – a development built with care, attention to detail and a commitment to quality. Keturah Reserve is a development that allows its residents to breathe and enjoy privacy while also giving them the opportunity to mingle and connect with their community.”
“My dream is for our residents, when they go off to work in the morning, to miss Keturah Reserve all day and long to return home.”
“Absolutely nothing is more important to me than the smile on the face of a happy client.”

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