Boghossian Inlay Collection luxury jewellery
Boghossian has introduced several new masterpieces in its Inlay Collection that are a true reflection of the Maison’s signature blend of Eastern inspiration and innovative craftsmanship. With the new Inlay ‘Reveal’ line, an enigmatic opaque hardstone delicately conceals a dazzling, faceted coloured gemstone at its heart.

The Inlay ‘Reveal’ novelties include pendants and earrings crafted in Morganite and Pink Opal, and Blue Topaz and Turquoise – all of which pay tribute to cultural heritage and underline Boghossian’s dedication to reviving the ancient Art of Inlay.

Centuries ago, craftspeople along the Silk Road perfected this technique; in Ancient Egypt and India, marble was inlaid alongside vibrant hardstones and mother-of-pearl to create art and architecture of shimmering splendour. Throughout the Taj Mahal, majestic inlaid artwork depicts the colourful blooms of India.

Boghossian’s Inlay collection pays homage to these stylised floral motifs, breathing contemporary life into the traditional skill. Masterfully cut pear-shaped and oval-shaped gemstones represent the petals and leaves of Mughal art.

Each piece is the result of meticulous craftsmanship; gemstones are painstakingly carved by skilled lapidarists to fit together seamlessly. Minimal metal allows an abundance of light into each stone, emphasising their breathtaking brilliance. Simple silhouettes allow colour and craftsmanship to take centre stage. The Inlay collection is a dazzling example of Boghossian’s ability to translate ancient inspirations into sophisticated modern-day treasure.

Inlay ‘Reveal’

The ‘Reveal’ range sees an opaque hardstone uncover a faceted coloured gemstone at its centre.

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