Donna Jewel GemGenève luxury jewellery
The “Donna Jewel x GemGenève” project arose from a desire to give voice to creativity, culture and self-expression through the art of jewelry. The goldsmith's art thus becomes a language of freedom and universal innovation.

Under the Creative Direction of talent hunter Laura Inghirami, the students from the “High Technician for the Production of High Quality Made in Italy goldsmith products – ITS class II” of the Galdus School of Milano (academic year 2022/23) celebrate the excellence of “Made in Italy” in GemGenève, as they represent the future of Italian art. So, the “Made in Italy” stands out in an international reality of excellence as GemGenève, where it inspires the international industry and students from all over the world. The exhibition is curated by Laura Inghirami, Donna Jewel, and GemGenève.

Creative Brief
“No limits: time for creativity”

“Our daily life follows a series of rules and restrictions. But this does not apply to art. Art starts from a dream. A dream without barriers and limits. The characteristic of being young is to dream big, aspire to distant horizons, to the freedom to express ourselves without restrictions. And this is the theme of the creative project made by Donna Jewel in collaboration with GemGenève: creativity. Students were called upon to create a jewel by daring, and experimentation, going beyond any scheme, and expressing their art in absolute freedom, using any materials, forms and designs that they can imagine.”

Arte8Lusso founder Slava Noor and Laura Inghirami

Laura Inghirami

Laura Inghirami is a specialized consultant for the jewelry industry, a journalist and a lecturer inside the Istituto Europeo di Design, selected by Forbes Italia as one of the top 100 Under30 leaders of the future. In 2017, with the mission to communicate beauty and excellence in the world of jewelry, expressing the value of stories of excellence of artisans, emerging talents, and the great Maisons, Laura Inghirami founded Donna Jewel, the most influential Instagram jewelry community in Italy, and defined one of the most influential worldwide.

Behind the scenes

Today Donna Jewel is an innovative reality that offers tailor-made projects to jewelry companies in the strategic, digital, marketing and creative fields, and enhances the excellence of the jewelry industry with a cultural, modern and joyful tone of voice.

Laura Inghirami and the students of Galdus school at Donna Jewel x GemGenève booth at the show

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