The eighth edition of GemGenève came to a close on Sunday evening after four days’ worth of jewellery-inspired euphoria at Palexpo. Now an international fixture on the scene, this unique exhibition provides a comprehensive overview of jewellery creation past and present; the latest edition was enthusiastically received, featuring 244 exhibitors including dealers, traders in gemstones and emerging artists from 22 countries in total, an all-time record for the event.

3,566 visitors came to enjoy the GemGenève experience, ten percent more than at the previous edition in November 2023. The figure was lower than the May 2023 edition, due mainly to May 9 being a public holiday and the market being a little less buoyant, but that didn’t stop some visitors travelling thousands of kilometres to be there! Over 75 nationalities were represented.

Ronny Totah sees this eighth edition as a resounding success. As a genuine laboratory of creativity and innovation, GemGenève’s latest offering provided further proof of the fact that it’s becoming increasingly well-established over the long term, offering a whole host of contemporary initiatives in artistic creation. As Geneva’s State Councillor for the Economy and Employment Delphine Bachmann remarked at the opening ceremony, “This event has become a fixture in the world of high jewellery, bringing together the very best international dealers in the heart of Europe.”

The “tradeshow with a difference” first dreamed up by Ronny Totah and Thomas Faerber seven years ago found its audience – and established its identity – right from the first edition. Now a not-to-be-missed event for trade and culture alike, GemGenève is also a select international showcase for contemporary artistic creation, new designers and the latest startups in the world of jewellery. The eighth edition confirmed that for many young artists, the Geneva show is a milestone in achieving recognition for their work.

Success at the Designers’ Village and The Masterpiece Space

I don’t have any specific criteria for selecting designers for inclusion in the Designers’ Village; I let my sensibility guide me, which is the only way for me to make authentic choices.

Designers’ Village curator Nadège Totah

For GemGenève 8, Nadège Totah showcased ten promising young designers: Aso Leon, Siu, Chong Ho Art Jewelry, Diana Zhang, Diva Jewels, Estelle Lagarde, Jaqueline Powers, Shavarsh Hakobian, Villa Milano, and William Llewellyn Griffiths… and had a special space hosting artist Alicia Stanska and her Haute-Couture dress, set with over 110,000 Swarovski crystals, a major attraction at the exhibition. Alicia Stanska is more used to presenting her work to audiences interested in contemporary art, but readily agreed that GemGenève was her best exhibition yet, and that this first-time experience had given her plenty of new ideas. Her aim is to return to exhibit more of her work at a subsequent edition to surprise the public once again with an even more spectacular piece.

Nadège Totah is keen to continue promoting the emerging scene, and explained how she wants to expand the contemporary strand still further at future editions of the event. Over and above the special focus on Ukrainian and Armenian designers, Nadège Totah also aims to keep on surprising the GemGenève public by revealing still more designers that are as yet ‘below the radar’.

Flames of Opal Essence

Flames of Opal Essence is the fifth exhibition to be organised by GemGenève curated and envisioned by Mathieu Dekeukelaire, allowing the public to discover all the facets of opal – a gemstone that’s as enigmatic as it’s magnificent. The exhibition was produced with the support of the Geneva Museum of Art and History, Piaget, Siu, Chris Price Opals, Emil Weis Opals, Faerber Collection, Imagem, Kreis Jewellery, Nicolas Torroni, Paul Fisher Inc., Ernst Färber, contemporary artist Michel Huelin, photo-grapher Brice Decque, videographers Laurent Kariv and Jynx Production Paris, and Boris Chauviré, an opal specialist from GeoGems who holds a PhD in mineralogy.

For this eighth edition of GemGenève, Emil Weis Opals Chairman Juergen Schuetz made a major contribution to the success of the exhibition by loaning some sixty rare pieces from his personal collection that had never before been on display to the general public. He said: “We are always excited to bring awareness about the many varieties of opal and share our passion for this amazing gemstone with the world. We would like to thank the organizers for shining the spotlight on opals”.

GemGenève Awards: 6 Prizes Honouring Tomorrow’s Talents

GemGenève is firmly committed to the upcoming generation; on Saturday 11 May, 6 awards were presented honouring students from the event’s partner schools. Presided over by GemGenève Director Mathieu Dekeukelaire, the GemGenève Awards ceremony paid tribute to the most creative projects submitted in the three contests organised for the event. 

Awards ceremony presided over by GemGenève Director Mathieu Dekeukelaire (left)
© András Barta

GemGenève is firmly committed to building authentic, sustainable relations with tomorrow’s designers and craftsmen and women, supporting them on a daily basis in the long term.

Mathieu Dekeukelaire, Director, GemGenève 

Engagement Jewellery
With students from HEAD-Genève
In partnership with the Grand Theatre of Geneva and SSEF
Danaé Carjaval, winner of the ‘People’s Choice’ Award

Microphotography contest
With students from the Institut de Bijouterie de Saumur (Saumur Institute of Jewellery) and the Société Royale Belge de Gemmologie (Royal Belgian Gemmological Society).
In partnership with Marine Bouvier, founder of Gemm’Education and Lauriane Pinsault, founder of GeoGems, and the Swiss Gemmological Institute (SSEF).
Annaëlle Le Fur and Charlotte Schoonjans, joint winners of the ‘People’s Choice’ Award

Charlotte Schoonjans. Exhale
Société Royale Belge de Gemmologie

Élodie Racinet, winner of the ‘Technical Achievement’ Award

Laurette Sauvain, winner of the ’Artistic Achievement’ Award

Amélie Snyers, winner of the ’Favourite Work’ Award

What’s your spirit animal?
With students from the Galdus School in Milan and the Francesco Degni Institute, in Torre del Greco.
In partnership with Laura Inghirami, founder of Donna Jewel Annapia. Liguro, winner of the Donna Jewel ‘People’s Choice’ Award

GemGenève X Digital Jewelry Week

At this eighth edition, Mathieu Dekeukelaire reasserted GemGenève’s commitment to up-and-coming generations by formally confirming the event’s first partnership with DIGITAL JEWELRY WEEK. DJW is the first online jewellery show and is exclusively dedicated to young artists and students. GemGenève is proud to be supporting this event, first launched in 2023 to highlight the creative artists of tomorrow, in October 2024.

GemGenève 8 also hosted an extensive cultural programme, including eleven talks focusing on the history of jewellery arts and precious stones. The talks were a resounding success, with close to 700 people attending over the course of the event.

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About GemGenève

GemGenève is a unique hub where jewellery designers, dealers in precious stones, retailers, collectors, connoisseurs and buyers both professional and private can all gather under the same roof. Over the course of four days, GemGenève offers an opportunity to acquire exceptional pieces and to be inspired by a community of specialists in the field of gemmology and jewellery.

It is a laboratory of creativity and innovation, bringing together recognised designers and emerging talents; a world of design, of rare gems, of antique and contemporary jewellery. Created by exhibitors, GemGenève offers a platform for expression that encompasses passion, expertise and education.

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