J.U.S is the new French perfumery setting trends and offering new scent experiences. Uninhibited, a little rebellious with a quality par excellence. An alternative brand with a vintage pop-art look using vibrant colours in a vivacious design and representing collaborations with a totally new generation of French perfumers. Arte & Lusso team had a chance to chat with Brigitte Wormser, a Co-Founder of La Maison Joyau Unique & Sensoriel.

When did you first realise you had a passion for fragrance?

I started to smell fragrances and essences when I was teenager . My parents had a holidayhome in Grasse , perfume cradle of the perfume industry in South of France . The smell inthe city and the fields of rose , jasmin and lavender bathed my childhood .

Who is your inspiration as a perfume designer?

Everything is inspiration from art to literature and travel but we have allowed the LA MAISON J.U.S. e perfumers a complete freedom, a carte blanche to creation . No marketing brief ….no consumers tests ….each creation is a personal story . It’s a intimate personal work . Then we received a lot of great proposals and we made a selection to have a consistent and coherent range. It’s a real collaborative and collective work.

What makes La Maison Joyau Unique & Sensorial different?

With la Maison J.U.S we wanted to create a different, uninhibited and alternative brand .We wanted to cause astonishment and disrupt the traditional codes of perfumery industry. First of all, we propose very colorful bottles, with a nice soft water lacquering and very attractive packaging, nice reusable case with wallpaper design .The 1950 and 1960 years strongly inspire us. Secondly, upcycling plays an important role in our philosophy . we believe in reusing as much as possible to better protect our planet. All our bottles are refillable, all our boxes are reusable and we are using vintage furniture, second hand furniture for merchandising. Thirdly, we unveil the fragrance formulas for more transparency and to enhance the nosework . This is the first time in this industry that you can see the formulas.

What makes perfumes so important in our life?

A good perfume expresses our personality, our emotions and moods . It’s an instrument of seduction and an image vector, a way to reveal ourselves.

What are your personal favourites?

My favorite fragrances are :

Sexycrush : a woody oriental, very sex , sensual, emotions of spicy roads .

Ambraser : a salty amber note . Memories of childhood ….sea salt , warmth of sun onskin , and hot sand ….-

Cuirissime : a delicious floral leathery with a touch of violet leaves and the sensuality ofiris . a sophisticated and refined note.

Brigitte Wormser

After 3 years at the ISIPCA (Institut supérieur international du parfum, de la cosmétique et de l’aromatiquealimentaire), Brigitte Wormser began her career with Nina Ricci, Germaine Monteil, then Dior and Lacroix.
Within these major houses she had the opportunity to work with tenors of the perfume industry, including Véra Strubi and Maurice Roger.
Then she decided to set up a consulting company with a partner and to look at what is happening on the consumer side by buying two perfumeries in Paris. An exciting experience that gave her a better understanding
of sales, merchandising, and the importance of training beauty consultants.
But she missed the product creation and the international dimension. She returned to work in the brands and confronted herself and her teams with the management of licenses. Over the years, she has built up a close
relationship and a strong friendship with a large number of perfumers, which has allowed her to get to know each one’s olfactory signature.
It is this rich experience and these friendships that allowed Brigitte to select the noses for the House of J.U.S.’s
first 11 fragrances.

To know more about J.U.S visit the official website https://jusparfums.com