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The technology that occurred in the last 25 years is equally to the technology that we have witnessed in the last 100 years, And the technology that we have witnessed in the last 150 years is equal to the technology that we have witnessed in all humanity. But the with the advent of AI the technology that will occur in the next three to five years will blow away all we know.

With the rising pace of technology in the last few years many traditional art techniques almost had disappeared like hand sketching alongside with other manual techniques.

The shockingly fact that surprised the art community recently that in an era dominated by advanced technologies and artificial intelligence, the humble art of hand sketching has started to nourish and flourish again experiencing a renaissance in the field of design and creativity. As digital tools and AI-driven processes become more prevalent, there has been a growing appreciation for the unique qualities that hand sketching brings to the table. Interestingly, text-image generators, while seemingly opposing manual techniques, have played a surprising role in the resurgence of hand sketching. This article explores the revival of hand sketching, its benefits, and how text-image generators have been instrumental in its resurgence.

Upload your sketch and discover the luring possibilities and potentials

In a world increasingly reliant on AI-generated visuals, hand sketching has emerged as an authentic means of creative expression. The AI now will be the artist’s collaborator who will use this sketch and translate it into professional expensive rendering or photograph with the aid of the prompts indicated by the artist converging “Human-AI” potentials into a vortex of creativity. It would be even a turning point in the history of art when the artist uses now AI to train the machine on his own style and start creating numerous art pieces in fraction of a second, eliminating the old brawl of crippling procrastinations associated historically with creatives.

Hand sketching fosters a more profound connection between the creator and the creation. The tactile experience of manual sketching promotes a greater understanding of the design process. Artists can iterate quickly, sketching various concepts, and honing their ideas organically. This tangible interaction with the medium builds a strong bond between the artist’s imagination and their hands, culminating in more thoughtful and meaningful designs.

Fostering a Deeper Connection between AI and Hand Sketching:

Contrary to being replaced and ousted by AI, hand sketching has found an unexpected ally in text-image generators. These tools have evolved to complement, rather than substitute, manual techniques. Designers and artists can now use text prompts to generate AI-assisted images, serving as a starting point for their hand sketches. This fusion of AI and manual artistry sparks innovative ideas, pushing the boundaries of creativity further.

Prompting is not a ludicrously simple task:

Not only that the collaborative synergy between AI-generated visuals and hand sketching has led to enhanced efficiency and productivity. But had elevated the artists to a whole new level of creativity. Many observers accuse AI of killing creativity, One the other hand the AI had helped many creative minds who lack the expression tools to enter the field of visual art including writers, philosophers …etc., posing new challenges on artists who will need to build up their narratives and philosophies to keep up to the new creative domain. By using AI to generate rough concepts, artists can streamline their thought process and focus on refining and adding their artistic flair through the blend of prompts and hand sketches. This combined approach opens the doors to unprecedented creative process while preserving the unique charm of manual craftsmanship. New challenge had risen though, how to control the prompts to reach the desired destination. Prompts had been always evasive and needed crafted engineering. This is a new skill that artists have to learn from their peer philosophers and writers. How to link the narrative with the visual creation.

Nurturing Learning and Skill Development:

The return of hand sketching is not just limited to professional magnanimous artists but extends to the education sector as well. Art and design schools have recognized the importance of teaching traditional sketching techniques alongside digital tools. By blending the best of both worlds, students develop a versatile skill set, enabling them to adapt to various design challenges and artistic pursuits.

As the age of AI progresses, the resurgence of hand sketching signifies a profound shift in how we perceive art, design, and creativity. The authenticity, emotional connection, and creative freedom offered by manual sketching have become invaluable in an increasingly digital landscape. With text-image generators aiding rather than impeding hand sketching, we are witnessing a harmonious convergence of traditional artistry and modern technology, shaping a new era of innovative and heartfelt design.

One sketch translated into several solutions based on the desire and need of the artist starting from stained glass and diving into the domain of architecture and design.

Written by Samer El Sayary.

About Samer El Sayary

Samer El Sayary is an assistant professor of Architecture, researcher, and award-winning architect with a special passion for Outer space architecture. 
His work is exhibited in several countries including NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston (USA) 2019, Medcop 21 France 2015, United Nations Office For Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) 2021 & Paris 2016, Greece 2015, Tunisia 2011, Egypt 2011 & 2013, Malaysia 2019 among other countries.

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