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Mondoir Directory.Art digital art metaverse

Mondoir Launches Directory.Art, the Ultimate Destination for Art Communities

Mondoir, a company that operates at the intersection of technology and art, championing artists and promoting the growth of digital art and new technologies, announced the launch of The tool, which reached a milestone of over 1,000 users in its first week of operation, minimises barriers of entry for artists, enabling stakeholders in the art world to have a more streamlined and efficient discovery experience.

metaverse Art Ai

The Return of Hand Sketching in the Age of AI

The technology that occurred in the last 25 years is equally to the technology that we have witnessed in the last 100 years, And the technology that we have witnessed in the last 150 years is equal to the technology that we have witnessed in all humanity. But the with the advent of AI the technology that will occur in the next three to five years will blow away all we know.

Useless Palace

Inloco Initiative (“in-loco” – in the proper place, Latin), the team renowned for its innovative approach to
showcasing contemporary art, delighted art fanatics earlier this year with the spectacular debut of its first pop-up
in Al Quoz. The grand opening in late January 2023 drew an outstanding number of visitors who were captivated
by the gallery’s exceptional collection.

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