Inloco Initiative (“in-loco” - in the proper place, Latin), the team renowned for its innovative approach to showcasing contemporary art, delighted art fanatics earlier this year with the spectacular debut of its first pop-up in Al Quoz. The grand opening in late January 2023 drew an outstanding number of visitors who were captivated by the gallery's exceptional collection.

Following the success of their inaugural exhibition, Inloco Initiative hosted a press tour in March, where they took art enthusiasts to the Mleiha Desert, providing them with an intimate and immersive experience at the very site that inspired the intervention. The Inloco initiative creates a roaming exhibition that captures the adventurous essence of public and street artists. By changing venues, Inloco shows their artists in a new light and reflects the special nomadic character of street art in local contests. The gallery’s commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new avenues for artistic expression earned accolades from both critics and the public alike.

With summer now in full swing, the Inloco team has embarked on another daring endeavor, relocating its gallery to a secret place accessible only to a select few. The invited guests can explore more than 45 exemplary creations by outstanding artists, including some that cannot be found in the innovative’s metaverse project, Useless Palace. The elusive nature of this collection adds an air of exclusivity and intrigue, making the space a must-visit destination for art connoisseurs.

The idea of having created a “secret place” for an art exhibition creates each visit (which can only be done by invitation) as an exclusive and intimate moment. The chosen place restores truth to the exhibited works, a place that is not a place.

Marco Fraschetti

Inloco will open to the public during the upcoming fall season, with the new location yet to be decided. The Initiative eagerly anticipates hosting a larger audience, inviting art lovers to embark on an immersive journey through its ever-evolving creative masterpieces.

Photo by our contributor Marco Fraschetti

In the meantime, art aficionados are encouraged to explore the virtual realm of Inloco Initiatives in the metaverse. Discover a vibrant community of like-minded individuals and experience the digital representation of the gallery’s inspiring space. Immerse yourself in the realm of art and connect with fellow art buffs from around the world. For those interested in exploring the metaverse and joining the weekly tours.

About Inloco Initiatives & Inloco Art Gallery

Inloco Initiatives – an international team of curators, artists, and contemporary art experts with a focus on public art and street art. The team makes art interventions in the Middle East and also sells art objects created during these interventions. The INLOCO Pop-up Gallery hosted the exhibition “Useless Palace” in the spring, which is a project based on the artistic intervention of an international group of artists whose work draws on street art.

Photo by our contributor Marco Fraschetti

During their trip to the Mleiha desert, each of the ten artists picked a location in one of the spots of the abandoned village and, as a result, created the work that can be seen in the exhibition in the pop-up gallery. With a commitment to pushing artistic boundaries, the gallery aims to create thought-provoking experiences that inspire, engage, and challenge conventional notions of art. Embracing its nomadic nature, Inloco Art Gallery moves between locations, offering art enthusiasts an ever-changing artistic journey.

Photo by our contributor Marco Fraschetti

To find out the secret location and witness the exclusive display, kindly contact Inloco