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A Guide to Conscious Gifting with LUSH this Holiday Season

LUSH’s 2023 festive range encourages customers to shoot for the stars and expand their inner spaces, embracing the magic of fresh, handmade products to spark moments of calm, creativity, celebration, and excitement. Also, when you buy a LUSH gift, you are having a positive impact on the world – you are saying no to excess single-use plastic, you are supporting communities and artisans who’ve made the knot wraps, ribbons, and natural papers, and you are buying products with beautiful ingredients that regenerate social and eco-systems.

Lush Cosmetics Drives Rewilding Efforts in the UAE through Collaboration with Goumbook’s ‘Give a Ghaf’ Initiative

The pressing issues of climate change and biodiversity loss demand urgent action from both individuals and businesses. LUSH Cosmetics, the leading sustainable beauty brand, understands the pivotal role biodiversity plays in preserving life and sustaining ecosystems on our planet and stands at the forefront of addressing these challenges. With a diverse range of natural raw materials at the heart of its cosmetics, LUSH acknowledges the critical importance of safeguarding biodiversity in its supply chain and minimizing its ecological footprint.

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