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photo exhibition

Marco Sanges: London “Sensations”

Haus Der Fotografie cordially invites you to enter the extraordinary world of Marco Sanges. This fantastic storyteller creates his photographic narratives as cinematic sequences. As we peer through Sanges’ silvered lens, the distortion suggests that all is meaningless, nothing has purpose. Within such surreal walls, logical arguments fall into nonsense; eloquent speech collapses into gobbledegook and the inevitable outcome will be silence. As a result, the subjects are trapped in cruelly endless mimes, menaced relentlessly by incomprehensible outside forces. Borrowing stylistically from the silent movies of the 1920s and 30s, Sanges’ players gesture helplessly from the other side of their screens. Aghast, afraid, astonished, their expressions are enormously exaggerated.

“Conceptos Paralelos” Photography Exhibition Draws Parallels between UAE and Spain

The exhibition Conceptos Paralelos or Parallel Concepts is an initiative promoted by the Spanish Embassy in the United Arab Emirates as a part of its cultural program. It aims to get the Spanish and the Arab community closer, and everyone in general. They make us reflect on how much do we look alike. And overall aims to invite to share our vision of values and find a way to get closer and not just simply live parallelly.

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