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With the quest for purposeful travel post-Covid, the demand for sustainable luxury has substantially increased. GCC travellers have become more conscious of travel without giving up on a trip’s luxury in order to remain environmentally aware but rather combining luxury and leisure to remain kind to the environment. Ahead of Earth Day this month, we have combined our top four destinations for those GCC travellers looking to experience the best of both worlds.

Rome Cavalieri, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel

Rome Cavalieri, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel has been catering to international travelers for over 60 years, making it a top destination for those visiting Rome. The resort has been recognized with the Green Key certification for the fifth year in a row, highlighting its ongoing commitment to sustainable management. The resort achieves this through a combination of practices, including excellent waste management, constant monitoring of CO2 emissions, and working with local associations that support disadvantaged communities.
These reflective practices are incorporated into the hotel’s F&B offerings and outdoor activities and continue to reflect its commitment to sustainability. Guests staying at the resort can dine at Uliveto Restaurant & Terrace, which offers a range of authentic Roman food curated by Chef Fabio Boschero and made with locally sourced ingredients and fresh seasonal produce. It is here where the highest standards of food quality, freshness, and seasonality are met, whilst embracing the farm-to-table philosophy.

Travelers looking to explore the city in an environmentally friendly way can hop onboard an electric Vespa and tour the Eternal City, fully customizable by the resort’s locally savvy concierge. Guests can dart through the streets of Rome, admiring the city’s astonishing monuments from the Baths of Caracalla to Castel Sant’Angelo and the Coliseum. This 100% eco-friendly tour may include local gastronomic stops along the way, making it a truly enriching experience for all.

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SALT of Palmar, Mauritius

SALT of Palmar, an idyllic adults-only boutique hotel set on the east coast of Mauritius, has remained dedicated to all things local and sustainable since its successful launch in 2018. The resort offers an opportunity for travelers to connect with the country, and the locals, and share eco-responsible and sustainable tourism values. SALT guests are encouraged to build relationships with the local population through a skills-sharing program, where one can share knowledge and skills amongst the local producers, designers, and craftsmen.

The Good Kitchen, the hotel’s popular dining spot, offers daily changing menus created by a team of all-Mauritian chefs, based on whatever the farmers, fishermen, and growers bring in that day. By adhering to the hotel’s philosophy of using fresh, local, homemade, and seasonal ingredients and adhering to the zero-waste policy, guests can indulge in a truly impeccable gastronomic journey that not only celebrates the very best of the island’s flavors but also encourages the support of the local community.

SALT also offers a plethora of island activities to deepen the guests’ connection with the local culture and environment, including sunrise and sunset yoga, horseback riding on the beach, SALT equilibrium spa treatments, and SALT room detox therapies. These experiences allow guests to truly immerse themselves in the island’s way of life.

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Monte Carlo SBM

Discovering a luxurious establishment that is dedicated to sustainability is a rare treat. However, the Hotel Hermitage in Monte Carlo is one such gem that stands out for its eco-friendly practices. The hotel strives to reduce its environmental impact by using energy-efficient lighting and appliances, sourcing local products, and implementing waste management programs.

At Hotel Hermitage, luxury and sustainability go hand in hand as it takes bold strides to reduce its ecological impact. For instance, the Michelin-starred restaurant, “Pavyllon Monte-Carlo” has opened a herb garden in collaboration with Terre de Monaco, an organic urban fruit and vegetable farming initiative. The garden, located in the restaurant’s patio, grows herbs and edible flowers that are used by the chef. The hotel also has a fruit and vegetable garden in Beausoleil, solely used for the restaurant’s menu, that benefits from the Mediterranean sun promoting organic farming and permaculture.

Additionally, Hotel Hermitage Monte-Carlo is committed to sustainable seafood sourcing by partnering with Mr. Goodfish Charter, which recommends seasonal marine species that aren’t threatened by overfishing. The hotel’s chef uses this list to create the menus while protecting biodiversity. The hotel has acquired 15 hives located in Var for honey production, which is used in signature desserts exclusively served in the hotel’s restaurant, “Le Limùn.”

Each year Monaco celebrates Earth Hour; in 2023, 15 teams including 10 teams of Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer will be challenging themselves to produce as much human energy as possible on a set of electric bikes on the Casino square. As Monaco will be plunged into darkness, this energy will then be transformed into an electricity source to bring a superb light display projected onto the façade of the Casino de Monte-Carlo.”

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Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som

Qatar’s largest wellness destination, Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som is a unique haven of tranquillity and wellness. Founded on a holistic approach to sustainable well-being, Zulal Wellness Resort believes that personal wellness goes hand in hand with environmental sustainability. Designed to strengthen guests’ connection to nature, the resort creates salubrious effects of the natural world, principles that are known to reduce stress, blood pressure levels and heart rates, whilst increasing creativity and overall wellbeing.

The unique architecture of the resort draws heavily from the principle of biophilic design, focusing on incorporating natural materials and elements of the coastal desert setting into indoor spaces. Known for their valuable healing properties and effectiveness in relieving anxiety, the tranquil pathways of Zulal Wellness Resort are engraved with Sidr Leaf trees creating a calming environment for guests to enjoy.

Staying true to Chiva-Som’s core principles, Zulal Wellness Resort operates sustainably and adheres to environmentally friendly practices, such as minimising the use of plastics, utilising organic produce and locally developed speciality products, energy conservation and the implementation of water preservation technologies. Furthermore, the resort’s commitment to the preservation and afforestation of mangrove environments, along with an array of other green initiatives, is part of their sustainability mission, aligned with Qatar’s Vision 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals of 2030.

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