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Andakulova Gallery Dubai announces the solo exhibition ‘Almaz’ of Rima Chahine in gallery space from May 5th to June 5th, 2023.

Rima Chahine is a self-taught Lebanese-Canadian artist. And an award winner, she explores the human condition through abstract art in vivid colours and bold brushstrokes. “They embody fearlessness, aggression and an impressionistic style,” says Chahine. “I have always done it my own way, never following the rules.” Her art has a dual message: she puts out her personal experiences in it and is sure they will resonate with those of others.
“After my separation,” she recalls, “I found myself raising my two young sons alone in a foreign country. It was a lonely and challenging time, but in my solitude, I discovered the mitigating power of introspection and forgiveness.
“Today, my healing journey remains a priority for me and my sons, and it is
reflected in every piece of art that I create. I am good at understanding the
psychology of people, and it is shown in my art.”


Her previous positions, which include degrees in communication, art and business journalism, as well as work experience in PR and events, also have helped her engage with people and their psyche. It is to her credit she turned personal dejection into delectable art.
‘Almaz’ has multiple meanings, among which are “attractive” and “charming”. Its contents live up to the title at their fullest.
‘Multiverse’ she says “I have a life to garden; a multiverse to wake from sleep”. ‘Night Charmer’ charm strikes the sight but merit wins the soul.


‘The Aftermath’ There’s always some aftermath, a good and bad, makes her happy or unhappy, for anything we choose to do.
‘Beauty’ opens out in glorious green, with rakish lines of red. The painting’s blue centre holds the image in a confident grip, allowing the colours to play their beauteous role, holding them in sweet control.
‘I see you’ is a look at life. Through the red dawn, peeps the first shining white of the morning. Waving lines of greenery move in a welcome for the day.


‘Lightning’ is where the heavens meet the earth. It presents a green meadow, done thickly in acrylic. Bands of yellow flowers move across the canvas, eager to meet the white and friendly brush of lightning.
‘Serenity’ encourages one to be at rest. The flowing wash of yellow merges into neighbourly black, red and blue colours, each effortlessly in harmony. It is the artist’s way of telling us that experiences may be bad or good, but each have their meditative place in our being.
‘Sun chasing’ has a centripetal effect. It is as though all the colours in the world have fused together to chase after the sun; the journey is yet a work in progress.

The Aftermath

‘Endearment’ has charming splashes of paint liplocked with each other. They live the title they are bestowed with!
Chahine’s tableaux are undeniably emotionally evocative. They explore experiences that have peppered her life, and are used as a vehicle to link with the emotional cores of others.
It also allows her to associate collectors with her artwork. “Each painting has a message, a name, and an interior,” Chahine says. “I can tell which painting is right for someone. When I meet someone, I know where they are in life and can see what they want, need and which painting would match their character.”

Sun chasing

She has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar Art magazine, among other publications. Her personal journey to her artistic vision and the passion for human emotions and understanding, is the fuel of her art.
Perhaps she is just the solution for the essentials of contemporary life, with its disruptions and need for dialogue.
Chahine’s Lebanese-Canadian background has allowed her to travel between the East and the West; her art has been influenced by the both the winds of the East and the sails of the West.
She is a symbol of the best the East and West can offer. That she is being hosted by Andakulova Gallery adds more heft to herself and her art, since the gallery itself has been established to promote the dialogue between the Middle East and Central Asia.


About Andakulova Gallery

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Founded by Natalya Andakulova, its higher goal is to cultivate a dialogue between Central Asia and the Middle East by re-introducing the art of the ‘Stans’ to the artistic hub of Dubai. It wants to build relationships between artists, writers, specialists and collectors.

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