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Day: June 3, 2024

Dubai Culture Invites Calligraphy Enthusiasts to Take Part in Arabic Calligraphy, Ornamentation, and Gilding Project This June

Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) presents a diverse range of workshops as part of its Arabic Calligraphy, Ornamentation, and Gilding project that aims to support and inspire emerging talent, enabling them to learn Arabic calligraphy techniques, enhance their skills, and encourage them to create calligraphy-inspired artworks.

10 Reasons to Visit #HEALTHLOVE 2024

#HealthLove 2024 will take place for the third year running on Sunday 9th June between 10am and 7pm in Dubai at Times Square Center. Sponsored by Gold Collagen and Yugen Care by Dr. Gehad, the event is totally free to attend and offers a packed day of education, activities and experiences to raise awareness of all things women’s and family health.

The Solo Exhibition “The Raft” by Hugo Wilson at Galerie Judin

Hugo Wilson has chosen “The Raft” as title for his upcoming Berlin exhibition. Of course, this immediately evokes associations with the most famous raft in art history, Gericault’s Raft of the Medusa – and inevitably with the theme of “salvation.” So how does this tie in with this exhibition, the first in which his abstract and his figurative works are shown side by side?

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