Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) presents a diverse range of workshops as part of its Arabic Calligraphy, Ornamentation, and Gilding project that aims to support and inspire emerging talent, enabling them to learn Arabic calligraphy techniques, enhance their skills, and encourage them to create calligraphy-inspired artworks.

This effort contributes to preserving this art form and strengthening its presence in the cultural and artistic scene.

The project, hosted by the Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children on weekends from June 4 to 30, includes specialised courses in Ruq’ah, Thuluth, and Naskh scripts, as well as the arts of ornamentation and gilding. These courses are given by a group of experts in Arabic calligraphy, including calligraphers Abdul Razzaq Al Mahmoud, Musab Doori, and Zaid Al Athamy. Additionally, the project, which falls under the umbrella of the Dubai Calligraphy Biennale, organising a series of cultural sessions for senior citizens at Thukher Social Club.

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