theatre of digital art dubai

Whether you love art or simply want to indulge on a new interactive experience, you can’t miss Theatre of Digital Art, a new highlight on the Dubai art scene. Arte & Lusso team has been visiting ToDA since its opening and we have created a list of reasons you should visit it soon too.

1 Discover art like never before

Learn about biographies of 9 different artists and emerge in their unique artwork which transformed the art during their time. Claude Monet, Georges Seurat, Vincent Van Gogh, Edvard Munch, Paul Cézanne, Juan Gris, Robert Delaunay, Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky have their distinctive artistic style and world famous paintings that you will see in a new light during the digital show.

2 Enjoy interactive experience

While we are used to the passive experience of visiting an art gallery or an art museum and not interacting with a piece of art, ToDA is offering something completely different. Visitors are encouraged to both seat and relax as well as walk around and take photos/videos of the show. One can literally become a part of the artwork by immersing themselves in the show.

3 Become an artist yourself

Every visitor can explore their creativity by playing one of the 4 interactive games in the Virtual Reality room. The cutting edge technology will transport ToDA’s visitors to the studios of four artists: Munch, Malevich, Shishkin and Goncharova, recreated in virtual reality.

4 Activities for the entire family

What is great about ToDA is that it is perfect both for adults and the kids. While everyone equally enjoys the show, the adults have a lot of fun in the virtual reality room while kids have a lot of fun in the kids hall where they get to create an animal and see it become alive on the digital screen.

Kids art classes and workshops Why bit have some fun and learn something about Art at the same time? ToDA is offering a series of workshops for kids of various ages. Visit to learn more

5 Create stunning photos

Whether you are a social media addict or simply love beautiful photos, you will definitely enjoy posing in from of the huge colourful screens with the artworks of your favourite artists. There are so many angles to shoot from and nothing beats those beautiful silhouette shots.

6 Mental benefits of art

Everyone knows that art can be theraupetical and watching the animated graphics coupled with the beautiful music is a very moving emotional experience. You will enjoy some time to explore your own emotions, clear your mind and get inspired.

7 Make a special gift

The gift shop at ToDA offers many art related gifts ranging from art books to tea sets. You will definitely find a unique gift for your loved ones.

Have you been to ToDA yet? What did you like the most? If you still have not experienced it, tell us WHY you want to visit it for a chance to win 2 tickets for 2021