dubai art exhibition artist Don Rabbit Sculpture
Thinksmart Hub collaborates with contemporary artist Don to highlight a sophisticated genre in tech-advanced sculpting.

The contemporary art scenes in the UAE have always been abuzz with the fusion of art, fashion, and technology. Contributing to the country’s reputation of being a global art powerhouse; artist Don pays an ode to art and fashion with his newest prodigy; a three-dimensional Rabbit sculpture.

Photo by our contributor Marco Fraschetti

Proudly displayed at Thinksmart Hub in Al Quoz, the futuristic art conversational piece represents an artist’s vision of combining cutting-edge techniques with bold and unique sculpting styles. The Rabbit sculpture drenched in bright pink reveals the extraordinary beauty of the boundless possibilities that an artist can express through modern art forms. In all its splendor, the ‘Rabbit’ re-establishes the creative usage of advanced technology to achieve unimaginable levels of art expression.

Photo by our contributor Marco Fraschetti

With the ‘Rabbit’, artist Don has curiously amalgamated the symbol of innocence and fun with the thirst for exploring the realms of fantasy. Armed with keys to the ‘wonderland’; the artist invites his audiences to a futuristic trip down an imaginary rabbit hole and explore an unconstrained world that’s detached from reality. A cheerful pink with contrasting blue distinguish the expression of an artistic character that steers clear from the conventional colors attributed to rabbits.

Speaking of his latest tech experiment in sculpting, artist Don says; “The Rabbit has been on a continuous journey of expression and looks how it stands today after numerous revisions on forms and fusions. While I wanted it to be contemporary and unique, I had in mind this underlying message of positivity that had to come out strongly. Its colors, form, and expression usher in a cheerful smile that I want my audiences to experience when they view the ‘Rabbit’. I’m delighted to have my creation here standing tall in a creative wonderland called Thinksmart Hub. It’s an artist’s paradise that’s surrounded by inspiring décor and makes for a complimenting backdrop where the Rabbit fits in effortlessly. I want my audiences to reflect on this positivity and live the fantasy that this resplendent Rabbit is trying to portray through its expression and artistic journey.”

Praising Don’s unique creation, Ms. Lina Husri (Founder, Thinksmart Hub) says; “The Rabbit is an advanced form of art expression and we’re thrilled to host it at Thinksmart Hub. With this collaboration, we reiterate our commitment to encouraging new forms of content and helping creators establish an audience through the right platform. With every association, Thinksmart Hub is traversing through an artistic journey that embraces art in various forms. Without restricting our reach and platform solely to social media content creators; Thinksmart Hub is adding up to an impressive profile of showcasing various forms of art, under one roof.”

Photo by our contributor Marco Fraschetti

Welcome to the imaginary world of Don, a world made up of fantastic characters who express purity and reflect the most beautiful part of us. Among all, the “Rabbit” has a strong emotional impact because if you look closely, everyone can recognize something about themselves.
Don’s art is expressed with bright and passionate colors.
Whether it’s a mural, a graphic painting or a 3D sculpture, his message always comes clear and positive, is vibrant pop art that involves.

Marco Fraschetti

Breaking free from the traditional boundaries that have long separated art and fashion, Don further adds; “The Rabbit embraces a bold and innovative approach that blurs the lines between art and fashion, resulting in captivating and transformative designs. In the backdrop of contemporary art, the fusion of art and fashion may not be a new concept, but this sculptor takes it to a whole new level.”

Photo by our contributor Marco Fraschetti

While the world of art, design, fashion, and culture have always overlapped to produce truly mesmerizing art experiences; the intervention of tech innovation has furthered the levels of ingenuity. The newest threedimensional Rabbit is one such distinguished interpretation of art and fashion that leaves the audiences impressed and astonished.